Democrat / Ambassador / President

"This has to be a fair process. And when you have a press release being drafted by our Democrat colleagues cherry-picking text messages when the full text of Ambassador Volker’s testimony last week would have exonerated this President, let’s release it." - @RepMarkMeadows 

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Democrat / Ambassador / President

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Diego Maradona, one of the greatest footballers of all time, dies aged 60

Maradona dead: Argentina legend and one of world's greatest footballers dies aged 60

BREAKING: Amid reports @POTUS  @realDonaldTrump  will attend GOP state lawmakers' hearing in #Gettysburg  today, a @Wyndham  staffer tells me the event is closed to the public and that " are @SecretServiceverywhere  and not letting anyone into the hotel unless you have a room."

Three states are set to hear the evidence that Trump’s legal team has. Rudy Giuliani will begin with a presentation in Pennsylvania today. Newsmax TV’s @_Cappadonna_  reports.

It's hopeless at this point because a huge chunk of the country has decided the Electoral College is like the ten commandments on the tablets, but it's a truly truly indefensible and dangerous institution that will ultimately break in a very very destructive manner.

“It’s the same kind of administrators that Obama had when [Biden] was with the Obama administration,” @MAGAindex  tells Newsmax TV. We’re looking at an “Obama 2.0.”

"More Americans are going hungry now than at any point during the deadly covid-19 pandemic”

For folks who see 'Snowden' trending and want to know more about why people are discussing a pardon for my part in revealing the NSA's unconstitutional mass surveillance program, I took @joerogan  through the whole history here:

Breaking: ViacomCBS has agreed to sell Simon & Schuster to Penguin Random House for more than $2 billion in a deal that will create the first megapublisher

Firefighters show the dangers of deep-frying turkey for Thanksgiving