Tech Accountability Platform / American / China / App / Uighur Muslim / Counterfeit

The new pillar of our Big Tech Accountability Platform will explore policy solutions and conduct oversight on the following issues: ✔️ American information flowing to China ✔️ App store vetting ✔️ Uighur Muslim labor concerns ✔️ Counterfeit goods

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Tech Accountability Platform / American / China / App / Uighur Muslim / Counterfeit

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🤣🤣 although to be fair, I dig my own grave a lot

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa unveiled a series of relief measures to help businesses and individuals recover from a week of deadly riots and eased lockdown restrictions as coronavirus infections slow

I was at Giga Texas yesterday. Team is making excellent progress. Building will be almost a mile long when complete.

Seriously, we’re getting eaten alive. Can’t get to Mars if the bugs eat us first.

The 4 uplifting graphs from this week about the Delta variant....if you are vaccinated InfectionsVaccine effect @sdutitalizations '>Hos @sdutitalizations Deaths@NEJM  @jburnmurdoch  @FT  @NewStatesman 

Norway has played a major role in supporting advent of electric vehicles!

Why we don't need to pay for Covid because we already have via @YouTube  Something everyone needs to appreciate

Coronavirus latest: New York launches $100m tax boost to revive theatre

I know this tweet sounds patronizing, but in fact I'm just interested in this idea of the downwardly mobile white "precariat" as a distinct, novel class in American society.

Mentorship can mean the difference between startups scaling or failing. @theCenter  is committed to helping entrepreneurs from all backgrounds overcome the barriers to business creation through world-class mentorship. Learn more:

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