We brought back @common  & #JDilla  classic record #TheLight  for this week's #TBT  Listen here:

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Just finished a 2 hour meeting about goals and this Changes Tour. This is going to be incredible.

Caroline Flack “The line then that separates people who kill themselves and people that don’t is vague and uncertain, it is a line within each of us, not between us.”

Important only to your contacts to the world you a goofy fr

@lakishmi25 Thanks for the ❤️! We’ll send you a special reminder to watch the #NAACPImageAwards  LIVE on Feb 22 at 8/7c!

“We Will Rock You" + "We Are The Champions" @FireFightAU  Still not over this night!! Such an important cause. You can still donate over at: #FireFightAustralia  #QAL2020 

DAMN Y’ALL!!!!!! First weekend of the #FriendsAndHeroesTour ... incredible!!! Love y’all!

#Reminder - @justinbieber  will be on the @latelateshow  every 👏🏻 night 👏🏻 this 👏🏻 week 👏🏻 #LateLateBieber  (📸 via: Instagram/j_corden)

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