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Just literally searched hayfever to know I wasn’t the only one suffering whilst my eyes stream and I can’t breath or sleep for the 3rd night running LOL thanks I feel less alone now 😂

Go to admire me babe much better and everything is GBP so you don’t lose out x

If you GENUINELY think your skin colour makes you more superior than someone else then you actually don’t deserve to even be on this earth tbh like who raised you

The best video I’ve ever seen I need more

The government have allowed primark to open.. so stop having a go at people for going somewhere they’ve been told they can go 🤦🏼‍♀️

Do what you need to do babe it’s allowed x

@BenHalesx  You might want to sit with yourself or a professional and work out why you have so much built up anger. It’s a little strange don’t you think? I also have fully accepted who I was and who I am today so it’s not something that I would ever be insulted by but you can keep trying☺️

@BenHalesx  My tweet was about being lied to. I cheated at 18. I told him I did. Not sure where the correlation is? People make mistakes and cheat when they’re young it’s called growing up. But lying about it and making someone out to be a psycho when it’s the truth is wrong

@BenHalesx  Not really no. It wasn’t an adult relationship. We had “free passes” when we went on holidays to do what we wanted. Same as Gshore. We were just kids. You can continue calling me a hypocrite that’s no problem but I said what I said ☺️

@BenHalesx  There’s a difference between trolling and having an adult debate. if you disagree with someone’s tweet it doesn’t give you a right to troll them. It’s called having an adult conversation. Not calling them tramps every 5 seconds coz you don’t agree


Anyone else really desperate for the big @Primark  shop. Need my pyjama fix and £1 thong fix

You made a girl want to take her own life @KTHopkins  you have CHILDREN!!!! Little girls!!! Who might grow up not being a size 6! What will you do then? shame them into wanting to end their own lives? People like you MUST be held accountable and I will not stop until that happens

Love island is losing out on so much content from favouring influencers and models. Where ma call centre chicks at, where’s the scaffolders? Come on that’s where the real banter is

Some people are such hypocrites 😂 will call people for protesting but have people round every weekend LOL At least the protesters were wearing masks and gloves which I very much doubt they are partying in your kitchen every Saturday. Practice what you preach or just shut up

Anyone else feel under huge pressure to feel motivated right now and just doesn’t ? I feel tired deflated and overwhelmed tbh

I actually hope Callum strays at casa amor and saves shaughna a couple years of unnecessary heartbreak.. that girl couldn’t be more real and deserves the world

If the government were to tell us now we’re going to be on lockdown for at least 12 weeks the nation would be losing their minds. We’re being drip fed bits of info everyday so we can cope. But I genuinely do not this is going to be over in 3 weeks. I really hope I’m wrong tho

Megan - “she’s slept with more people than me” Your number does not make you a “slag”, the circumstance in which you slept with them determines that. If you’re single and not hurting anyone then you fucking do you. Don’t preach equality 1 min and be part of the problem the next