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I agree with the @LATimes: Fiona Ma should be California's next treasurer. https://t.co/rVo2IoYZT6
Seventy-eight congressional districts will determine whether or not we flip the House in three weeks. Find out if you live in one—then recruit your friends and neighbors to make a plan to vote: https://t.co/LjXkfkX6it
.@tinaflintsmith shares some qualities with her wonderful home state: hardworking, no-nonsense, huge heart. She's in a tight race to keep working for Minnesota families in a race that could decide control of the Senate. Pitch in if you cahttps://t.co/anz5gBQhvUn:
The administration's deadline to reunite families it separated at the border passed 12 weeks ago today. What is their plan to rectify this great wrong, and to do it immediately?
Today is the final deadline to register to vote in Nevada. Help get the word out: https://t.co/tTgeqxNqYm
Make sure any South Carolinians or Wisconsinites you know don't miss their chance to vote. Both states' voter registration deadlines are today: https://t.co/tTgeqxNqYm
Whatever you do, do something. These midterm elections are our last chance to defend our democracy. Let's win.
Take advantage o @IndivisibleTeamf 's virtual phone-banking tool to make calls reminding people to vote.

Recruit some friends to join you and make an afternoon of ihttps://t.co/HCpjuWfXgit.
Make a plan to vote, volunteer, make strategic donations, and turn out friends withttps://t.co/2eWwr3g8D9h .

Just answer a few questions about where you vote and how you can help and they'll send you a personalized plan of action.
Study after study shows that person-to-person conversations are the most effective way to turn people out to vote.

Sign up wit @swingleftorgh to knock on doors in a toss-up congressional district near you during the last weekend before the elechttps://t.co/0wc4OaV46Ttion.
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