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Damage is done. Let’s elect people we can trust during an emergency. The Democrats gave proven they don’t deserve that trust. “Michigan Gov. Whitmer stripped of emergency powers”

Kids' suicide, mental health hospitalizations spiked amid COVID lockdowns, research finds

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Not that any of us need to know this… 😏”What to Eat and Drink When You Didn't Get Enough Sleep, According to a Dietitian

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Jonathan Turley: 'The line between tyranny and public policy should not be a white lab coat' |


The @nytimes  is really mad, & liberals are freaking out. Once again, Trump didn’t fold and came punching back. They hate him for that, & for exposing how WEAK AND DUMB they are. In other words, @realDonaldTrump  hit a home run. Thank you Mr. President for having our backs.

So the anarchists are building a... border wall. Okey-dokey.

It’s becoming rather obvious the Dems had a bad night last night and anticipate having a very bad week. The message at the RNC convention was one of inclusion, optimism, patriotism, & the potential of the American dream. It’s a shame anyone would find that sentiment offensive

? Attorney@SidneyPowell1  tells @MariaBartiromo  they have ID’d “at least” 450k ballots in “key states” w a vote only for Biden, no other candidates. In assessing the existence of fraudulent ballots, this kind of data is significant. #CountEveryLegalVote 

Did something happen overnight that replaced the Electoral College with media organizations? #AskingforAmericans 

“There is a fight coming: After over a century of rule, the corruption of the big city Democratic machines will finally be examined in court. Every day, the media is going to call you crazy for demanding it. Buckle up.”

Three indicted for allegedly throwing Molotov cocktails at NYPD vehicles, face life in prison