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From last night’s @seanhannity  w @StephenM  & @TheLeoTerrell : “Biden's executive order on police reform weakens police against school shooters: Stephen Miller

Looking forward to guest hosting once again for @seanhannity  at 9p ET @FoxNews . The best place to be after a very difficult week for all of us. We have the info and analysis keeping us informed and steady. See you tonight!

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Alaska special election for House seat becoming a crowded, unpredictable affair

Identity politics rots from the inside out “A Los Angeles Times columnist expected the Texas elementary school shooter to be a "white supremacist" and was disappointed to learn he was a Latino

“What Goes On Behind the Cameras at Home Makeover Shows? Some homeowners said they were promised a dream house if a crew remade their homes for TV. The lawsuits they filed later told a different story…”

West Virginia woman with pistol shoots, kills man firing at graduation party: 'Saved several lives'


OMG he's going to complain about the price of INSULIN which TRUMP lowered and was one of the first things Biden REVERSED when he came in office!! No shame whatsoever.

So the anarchists are building a... border wall. Okey-dokey.

Pelosi says funding the $5B border wall would be “immoral.” But she & the Dems were fine w rewarding the terrorist regime of Iran w $150B. Security for Americans= immoral. Funding a terrorist regime= moral. Got it. #DemocratValues 

“There is a fight coming: After over a century of rule, the corruption of the big city Democratic machines will finally be examined in court. Every day, the media is going to call you crazy for demanding it. Buckle up.”

The bullies trying to cancel @TuckerCarlson  are missing the irony that their hysterical frenzy to punish him for not conforming *proves his point every night.* #IStandWithTuckerCarlson  because he stands for truth & fairness & does not back down no matter the threat ❤️??

? Husband of Sen. Dianne Feinstein Admits Helping Well-Connected Applicants to University of California: ‘No One Ever Told Me It Was Wrong’

The extraordinary pettiness exhibited by @SpeakerPelosi  tonight, ending w her tearing up a copy of the president's speech, is behavior of a woman broken, defeated and small. What an awful and ignominious collapse for her.

Aaaaand... the collapse of this fraud continues “Atlantic Editor Concedes Central Claim Of Trump Hit Could Be Wrong”

Just a big ‘thank you’ to @SidneyPowell1 , @GenFlynn’s atty, for standing by him & refusing to buckle in front of a now panicked & pathological establishment. You’re a terrific role model on standing for principle & the rule of law ???