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Evergreen mood for the next 10 months or so...

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Another excellent piece by @IWF’s own @PatricePinkFile : “Patrice Onwuka: Women’s March should support all women – Not just oppose one man” #FoxNews 

Great job! Just donated. Looks like it’s gonna be an AMAZING vacation plus then some 👍👍

At the blog: “Megxit Done: Meghan/Harry To Repay Home Reno $$$, Won’t Use Royal Titles

Joining #FoxandFriends  at 820a ET w pals @RCamposDuffy  @PeteHegseth  & @jasoninthehouse  discussing the politics of the day. Hope to see you there! ❤️ #FoxNews 


Pelosi says funding the $5B border wall would be “immoral.” But she & the Dems were fine w rewarding the terrorist regime of Iran w $150B. Security for Americans= immoral. Funding a terrorist regime= moral. Got it. #DemocratValues 

You are a cynical, manipulative fraud, . You’ve done extraordinary damage to the issue of violence against women & to those who have suffered it. YOU have made this process a circus & are ending your career as a pathetic embarrassment. #ConfirmKavanaughNow 

He wasn't 'unclear.' He lied. This entire thing has been a fraud from the start. It is now a Star Chamber, replete w secret hearings & a predetermined outcome. "Schiff admits he should have been 'much more clear' about contact with whistleblower" #smh 

I’m growing more convinced Ford’s lawyers are delaying to allow them more time to find people who will corroborate her story. That effort is not only failing, but what does it say about the situation when the people you present as your witnesses contradict you?

Oh, So the Democrat women weren't going to applaud or stand for the employment news regarding women, until they made it about themselves. Got it.

Hi . Tonight offers more proof ur dealing w an absurd coordinated political assassination attempt, now incl one of Kavanaugh arranging *gang rapes.* If you allow these refuted smears to prevail this insanity will be the new order, taking our system w it.

Beautifully done, and thank you @realDonaldTrump  & @FLOTUS  for everything. We are proud of both of you and grateful for the work you’re doing for our country and families. #MerryChristmas