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Chris Herring

Senior NBA writer for ESPN/FiveThirtyEight. Adjunct professor at Northwestern. Ex-Knicks beat writer at The Wall Street Journal. University of Michigan alum.

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TSA agent saw my complete and total look of “I don’t even care anymore, bro” in my eyes when he said he had to unwrap one of the gifts I’m flying with. Props to him, though: he was so careful about it; even trying to carefully preserve the tape and whatnot.

Preorder Blood in the Garden: The Flagrant History of the 1990s New York Knicks for the hoops fan in your life. Have a look at the book’s hard-hitting trailer.

@Lefty_Leif  🙏🏾 thank you, Greg! Plenty of stuff in there for Heat stuff, including at least one or two key details that have never been reported about them

So impressed with Michigan's offense today. So impressed.

What I love most about this: None of it feels fluky at all. Ohio State's had a lot of penalties. But Michigan's just executing its butt off today. Not benefiting from awful calls. They legitimately look the part.

Haskins for president, man. He's been this good ALL season.

I am so, so happy. I had so few expectations for this season. They beat a GREAT Ohio State team to make it to the conference title round, and hopefully the playoff. Surreal.

👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Legit almost got emotional. Forgot what it felt like to beat them


Giannis just said he easily could have joined a superteam, done his part w other stars and won that way. Says "that's the easy way." Then pounds table and says this was the hard way.

Steve Kerr still has the highest 3PT% in NBA history, fwiw

People talk a little bit too broadly about the athletes' social movements. The WNBA players have generally been really far ahead of the curve, and beyond that, extremely organized. I don't think there's any question they helped propel Warnock in his race for the Senate

The Sopranos is an unbelievable show. But my man Tony was so racist that he looked at a package of Uncle Ben's Rice and passed out, lmaooo. I think abt this a lot.

My mind keeps going back to Tuesday night, when the president, at a presidential debate, made fun of how often his opponent wears masks as a precaution during a pandemic.

I don’t wanna see a damn thing about what ratings this game drew. This game is amazing, and if I’m the only one watching, so be it ?

LeBron is incredible. Basketball aside, he is effing incredible.

The Sears Tower looking like an abandoned skyscraper is so weird and beautiful.

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The Bucks have been more vocal about police violence and racial profiling than the rest of the league for years. To decide not to play today would add to that distinction.

One of the bigger changes I'd like to see take place in this country is elementary/middle school curriculums. Fact that an enormous part of our country is just waking up to what Juneteenth/Tulsa Race massacre are sheds light on how these things aren't even mentioned in classrooms