Stephen Moore Trump / Winston Churchill

Stephen Moore says that Trump will leave office 'triumphant,' comparing him to Winston Churchill#WallSt 

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Stephen Moore Trump / Winston Churchill

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I do spend a bit of time pontificating tbh

$HBNC - Horizon Bancorp's (HBNC) CEO Craig Dwight on Q2 2021 Results - Earnings Call Transcript. #investing  #economy  #finance 

'Immigration is our universal American story' via @Enquirer 

PE Peru's next prime minister is a lawmaker who considers the communist government of Cuba to be a democracy

▫️Goldman expectation for monthly pace of Fed asset purchases #taper 

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McKeon has nine career medals, equal with Ian Thorpe and Leisel Jones, as Australia enters Sunday with 10 gold, three silver and 14 bronze.

@mtgreenee  Check out the guy in the background, who doesn't use her make-believe gate because he can see that there is no need to pretend that air is magically separated.

@reddit  r/TaxPros: Getting into financial planning advice needed: Hello! I'm a CPA and currently working in software. I'm very passionate about personal finances and helping people achieve their financial goals. Does anyone here have a… #IRS  #income  #tax 

Now try to imagine this COVID situation if Trump had been reelected.