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This is a curated stream of #Business #Finance #FinTech & #Energy articles from publishers around the globe. Also @ http://Hedge.Bz | MMVIII

Latest Scoops

Institutional Investors Continue Selling Entire Rally $SPY $QQQ https://t.co/TDGQHmHBwT #hedgefunds
Cory Booker's 'tears of rage' rant mocked; senator likened to Tommy Wiseau of 'The Room' https://t.co/gHVj6EnIDW #newjersey
US Must Bolster Its Presence In MidEast As ISIS Falls with a Longer-Range Plan https://t.co/fEdUeCNaGG #breakingenergy
Trump Admin's 'Enhanced Vetting' Is Having A Large Impact On Refugee Admissions https://t.co/GLEozjYIDa #dailycaller
Day After #Bitcoin Crossed the $11,000-mark, A Federal Court in California ORDERS Coinbase To Repo https://t.co/M13Ti6SXn3 #cryptocurrency
Russian Ministry of Finance has drafted a new bill to legalize #cryptocurrency trading https://t.co/ELdnnzgbx4 #bitcoin
Oscar nominations 2018: Complete list of nominees for the 90th Academy Awards https://t.co/20cFp0HC57 #hollywood
Sarah Silverman Befriends Troll Who Insulted Her and Pays For His Medical Treatment https://t.co/pMoGHvt9JY #hollywood
James Franco’s “SNL” monologue is interrupted by a few friends, and the internet is loving it https://t.co/OSijJw1X12 #hollywood #rare
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