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Heather Mallick

Toronto Star staff columnist, Monday, Wednesday, Saturday. 2015 winner of feminist Landsberg Award. Email hmallick@thestar.ca.

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Alberta's COVID-19 vaccination rates tied to levels of formal education, data shows | CBC News

What a strange man, wanted his departure kept secret, especially sexual harassment allegation. Maybe military men are unusable. | Former vaccine boss sues to get job back, blames Justin Trudeau and top ministers for ‘improper’ removal’ via @TorontoStar 

Military dude objects to minister having called for “lasting change …that sheds toxic and outdated values, practices and policies” and another that “asked that the complainant receive any necessary support.”

Not sure. She herself was an extreme case of hyperactive deference to men.

In modern times, as men and women work together for fairness, here's a problem. Shopping is a form of housework and like child care it's often left to women to do it. Cue the minimizing of child care and shopping. So time to share these tasks?

'The Stars Are God's Bullet Holes' is a dumb name for an album though.

Was a New Yorker reader, will not renew until they compensate their wage slaves and provide health care insurance.

So there is no place for very smart kids in public schools? Vancouver School Board phases out honours programs in high schools /via @globeandmail 


The premier's base who will take a dim view of this. Wills, pensions, families, etc. are important to them. | Doug Ford’s handling of Rob Ford’s estate faces scrutiny from provincial lawyer via @TorontoStar 

Good column by Martin Regg Cohn. "I stood up to anti-vaxxers. There’s a lesson in what happened next" via @TorontoStar 

'QAnon Shaman' is a 33-year-old failed actor who lives with his mom (see photos) in Phoenix.

My column: therapyspeak, jargon and fuzzy words are damaging to journalism, books, women, debate, all of life. "Language is being used as white paint, a cheap and hasty coating to cover a multitude of sins." via @TorontoStar 

@AlisonLoat  Ah, Sen. Mike Duffy doppelganger creeps up on second generation of much-loved, admired women in Trudeau family. Is it the beauty of his mother and then his wife that angers them or is it something worse?

This reporting is why you should subscribe to the @TorontoStar . More than 120 police officers in Ontario are currently suspended with pay, some for many years. Union loves it, police chiefs hate it and Premier Ford won't change the law. via @TorontoStar 

Brampton porch pirate arrested after getaway car becomes stuck in snow bank. Victim watches aghast, tries to explain front-wheel drive to him. Cops yell at thief quite loudly.

@EmmaMci  @NatObserverT  @TorontoStarh @njavede  clarity of the explanatory writing, the vision of that map, that photo, grabs readers right away. If you knew relatively little about that allegedly pointless and destructive Toronto highway plan, this is gold. Best in class.