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I'm the Hottest New Recruit for #SmackDownLive And one half of the 1st ever Smackdown Live Tag Team Champions #IGotKids #INeedThisJob

Latest Scoops

The show @F2F_Wrestling tonight was LIT. I would like to give a shout out to a Face 2 Face… https://t.co/1IZysiLzJw
Going LIVE ONE MORE TIME. Come and talk to me on @F2F_Wrestling LIVE. https://t.co/0EAksus4kl
Go to @F2F_Wrestling on IG LIVE right now
Going LIVE tonight from @F2F_Wrestling Goin me and let’s have some fun. 7:15 Bell Time 🛎… https://t.co/lWwnUO9D07
Oh BayBay!!!!!!!! We look so good as the Original WWE Tag Team Champions terrancegerin… https://t.co/3xnJpJJoKA
Oh BayBay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s tonight and it’s going to be LIT!!!!!! Come and have a blast… https://t.co/4fPVqK9wnf
Look at my little sweetheart taking over the dance floor. LoL!! @xxmotherpuckers #daddysgirlhttps://t.co/fFHZ1vVZr2
I am pretty damn sure I can take this guy.... But then again I’ve said that a lot and most of… https://t.co/ZZmrtJwPwW
Let’s have some fun @F2F_Wrestling this week. @teddyplayalong will be there saying hello to everyone. And you’re going to get some good entertainment...
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