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Hayes Grier
holy sht there s a tornado warning and the weather is getting really bad
Holy sh*t there's a tornado warning and the weather is getting really bad
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Dinesh D'Souza
bernies team tells him hey you keep calling for a 15 per hour minimum wage you dont pay us 15 an hour so berni
Bernie’s team tells him: hey, you keep calling for a $15 per hour minimum wage. You don’t pay us $15 an hour. So Bernie cuts back their hours, sending the clear message that they aren’t WORTH paying full-time wages of $15 per hour. How telling!
Yoko Ono
@yokoono 27 minutes
be thankful for your life and forgive everybody including yourself
Be thankful for your life, and forgive everybody, including yourself.
Lana Del Rey
latitude festival tonight see you at 9 30 xxx
Latitude Festival tonight ! See you at 9:30 xxx
Ricky Gervais
we don t deserve dogs
We don't deserve dogs.
Mirror TV
dark haired belle from loveisland looked like different person before the show
Dark-haired Belle from #LoveIsland looked like different person before the show
shawn mendes jimin joe jonas ampamp more who should play prince eric in the live action vote now
Shawn Mendes, #BTS' Jimin, Joe Jonas & more: Who should play Prince Eric in the live-action #LittleMermaid? Vote now!
Marc Anthony
conpuertoriconosejuega ya basta enough rickyrenuncia
Hollywood Reporter
box office the lion king roars to record 185m us bow hits 531m globally
Box Office: 'The Lion King' roars to record $185M U.S. bow, Hits $531M globally
Dinesh D'Souza
bernie employee how can i support my family if you dont pay me 15 an hour bernie ok just work for me for two h
Bernie employee: “How can I support my family if you don’t pay me $15 an hour?” Bernie: “OK, just work for me for two hours a day. See! That way you are getting $15 an hour.” Employee: “But I’m still making the same.” Bernie: “I know, but now you have no grounds to complain!”
@Complex 13 minutes
another 21savage x metroboomin album 21 says savage mode 2 is on the way
Another @21Savage x @MetroBoomin album? 👀

21 says 'Savage Mode 2' is on the way:
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