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New from me: the details coming out of the new books on Trump are wild. But I have nothing but scorn for the sources who spoke to the authors after their recollections could have made a difference

And because I’m not allowed to swear in my copy, let me just be extra clear here on Twitter dot com: Sha’Carri’s suspension is bullshit

this is definitely a good thing that in no way comes back to bite me or the saint that is @ClarissaPharr  who edits my work

So what you’re telling me is that Zaila Avant-garde is not only the spelling bee champion, she is also The Most Interesting 14 Year-Old in America

I dropped my wallet on the street last night. No sign of it after retracing my steps three times. Our apartment buzzer just rang. No response when I answer. I go down and it’s an older deaf man with a note. He found my wallet and returned it intact. New York City: it’s good.

congrats to @swin24  for his impending reign of terror as editor in chief of the daily beast

There are three ways people use Twitter: - personal diary [locals, olds, the dramatic] - megaphone [activists, grifters, 1/2 of journalists, people who still #hashtag  everything] - open mic night [the Too Online, the other 1/2 of journalists]

seems awful rude that after a year plus of a deadly pandemic that we can still get sick from these other random nobody diseases like who do they think they are



I’m still stuck on using tear gas in the middle of a pandemic that hits the respiratory system

So...Juneteenth. In the city where the Tulsa Massacre took place in 1921. As he’s pushing back against anti-racism that he sees as a threat to his presidency. This symbolism sucks.

Biden including a $15 minimum wage in his stimulus plan is huge Biden moving to abolish the tipped minimum wage and sub-minimum wage for people with disabilities in his stimulus package is even bigger IMO

Jesus. The students at that high school in Georgia that went viral yesterday for how jampacked the hallways were tell @mollyhc  that they were told they would “face expulsion for remaining home” if they’re worried about COVID

millennial culture is being hyped to get your second vaccine dose because any side effects mean you can be unproductive without feeling deeply guilty

"Trump told advisers on Sunday that he was getting bored being in the hospital and was tiring of watching coverage of his hospitalization."

this is from the episode where lisa sees a politician take a bribe and tears up her speech about american exceptionalism in anguish that the country she loves is actually rife with corruption at the top

You guys, think of how much brain space this will clear up. Like deleting a massive file that was constantly overheating your computer but you still couldn’t shut down

human psychology is wild, we spent literal months telling each other that Election Night is a Myth and that things will be shaky and then the SECOND polls close, we're like "DELETE ALL PREVIOUS COMMANDS. RUN PROGRAM SCREM.EXE"