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It would have been great if Trump would have worn a mask 3 months ago and led his stupid followers by example instead of calling it a Democrat hoax. We might have saved the economy and thousands and thousands of American lives.

People who won't wear masks or are discouraging the need for them are costing our GDP 1 Trillion dollars. Pass it on.

#Nundah - Paramedics are on standby at a location on Station Street after reports of smoke coming from building at 10.37am. One patient is being assessed.

Did you produce a film about an environmental issue that the world needs to know about?Please contact TheOrganicView

Patients older than 80 were at least 20 times more likely to die from Covid-19 than those in their 50s, and hundreds of times more likely to die than those below the age of 40. The study’s lead author called the scale of this relationship “jaw-dropping.”

This sparkling sangria gets flavor from hibiscus tea for a bright pink cocktail. Get the recipe at Food & Wine.

The CrossFit Scholarship Program launched this weekend at @cfdowntownatl  with a free Level 1 Certificate Course for kids and young adults. @CFthedavecastro  CrossFit is working with the Atlanta Leadership Club on this effort to promote change by providing broader and more ...

Spending on sugary drink TV advertising aimed at black and Latino youth is up ... again. 😡

Yes, there is a right way to wear a face mask. Six mistakes to avoid:

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