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Latest Scoops

Portfolio risk-taking research from @johnbeshears won the @TIAAInstitute Paul A. Samuelson Award for Outstanding Scholarly Writing on Lifelong Financial Security https://t.co/4Uj9KK502F
One student shares some notes from @claychristensen’s @HarvardHBX Disruptive Strategy course: https://t.co/vxrO91FPIV
To get the most out of your brainstorm session it matters who you brainstorm with, says Professor Rembrand Koning: https://t.co/AkYaol5Ly1
Lessons learned from @EBONYMag founder John Johnson. A good leader is strategic: https://t.co/gvubnmH3Fz #HBSLeadership
Working for a company with a tarnished reputation can hurt your future compensation: New @HBSWK: https://t.co/VOcK6B9GXM
Cold Call takes our legendary case method and distills it into podcast form, with episodes ranging in topic and industry: https://t.co/U6sKwc1Qjc
Hear Professor Steven Roger’s take on John Johnson’s success and strategic entrepreneurial spirit: https://t.co/k2UXDOpGo8 #AASU50 #HBSLeadership
Personal trainer Don Sweat has coached many MBAs during their time on campus.
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Today would be @EBONYMag founder John Johnson’s 100th birthday. He built the largest black-owned publishing empire. Learn more: https://t.co/L1bQXI4CPY #AASU50 #HBSHistory #HBSLeadership
.@RethinkRobotics doesn’t want to replace human laborers—it wants to give them the ultimate coworkers: https://t.co/HoOkMeShhM
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