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Mind-numbing, hands-on activities can benefit your ability to focus and concentrate, says @nancykoehn on @wgbh: https://t.co/dZvMWCTSnw
College isn’t an option for everyone. Graduates of @YearUp fare as well as the average #college graduate after five years: https://t.co/gCj4fw238G #ManagingTheFutureOfWork
“Always on” may not be as effective as “intermittently on” when it comes to complex #problemsolving at work, according to new #research from @ethanbernstein: https://t.co/BCOcbPky03
Rather than try to compete with big #bookstores on price and inventory, indie book stores give customers a unique experience says @ryanlraffaelli in @nytimes https://t.co/7cZwd0cP6i
“Always on” may not be as effective as “intermittently on” when it comes to complex #problemsolving at work, according to new #research from @ethanbernstein: https://t.co/YtgDu5ZixQ
This summer, Pascal Kriesche (MBA 2019) made his dreams of becoming an entrepreneur a reality by working on his startup, ‘smoodi’, as @HBSRock Summer Fellow: https://t.co/9pIWq2DwQ2 #HBSInterns
Manufacturers are able to duplicate #technology used in cutting-edge products which means they don’t have to develop as much custom technology to compete, says @WillyShih_atHBS: https://t.co/UlTqGK17gv @HBSWK
The #healthcare industry is in need of organizational innovation. HBS has build the foundation in research from disruptive innovations to consumer-driven health care to competitive strategy principles. https://t.co/uRFMMxN9Df Learn more about @HBSHealth: https://t.co/rRMfZx1zSA
Are free trade and free markets quaint ideas from the past? Free trade seems to work well for countries and companies but less well for labor, says James Heskett: https://t.co/AIb3Pe5bmR @HBSWK
Our online learning initiative @HarvardHBX is hitting the road with @fortefoundation to talk to prospective female students about how they can prepare for success in an MBA program by enrolling in HBX CORe: https://t.co/4P4S1k7KaD
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