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Latest Scoops

Is there a connection between #public sentiment about a company and how the market rewards its #corporate social performance? New #research from @GeorgeSerafeim finds that there is a link between to two: https://t.co/AZY2LSnclX via @HBSWK
Why do Americans prefer workplace equality over equality at home? @nancykoehn explores the gap in Americans' ideology around gender roles: https://t.co/bf3522qpHe via @wgbh
By understanding the complex way that humans learn, an alumna is working to improve artificial intelligence by make computing more brain-like: https://t.co/DxQnmJZGjW
While interning at @HubSpot, Shelby successfully delivered their go-to-market #strategy on a new #website product. How she was able to align this opportunity with her own #career passions: https://t.co/wqEgVdyrk8 via @HBSRecruitMBA #HBSInterns
Spending too much time on your #smartphone? Behavioral #science has an app for that says @ashleywhillans: https://t.co/LQaCbyz90A via @TheConversation
New course alert! @HarvardHBX announces the new Scaling Ventures course, taking place in our interactive online classroom: https://t.co/eIvV7ZE4Ri
Is #Microsoft is trending up while #Apple is trending down? What do professors think about the #Marriott (Starwood) #data breach? Find answers on the most recent episode of #HBSAfterHours: https://t.co/WoTC5j4WTM
Doha fills us in on her time at HBS: https://t.co/RktO4WgIpT
When it came time to move @Cicero_Group's offices, founder and CEO @Randy_Shumway (MBA 2000) wanted to be closer to Salt Lake's homeless shelter, soup kitchen: https://t.co/3aO0O0x9qV
A recent editorial by professor Regina Herzlinger has been instrumental in the #Trump Administration’s new proposed rule to expand the use and flexibility of #Health Reimbursement Arrangements for #American consumers: https://t.co/Ta9MlQQ77I
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