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Don’t try too hard to be the cool boss. Humility, steadiness, and dependability are what make a good leader.

Unfortunately, many people need to worry about being fired on the spot when they give notice.

Long-game success isn’t usually about obtaining the position you dreamed about when you were 11 years old. It’s doing the best you can given personal and societal limits.

Many people think that taking time off sends the wrong signals to their manager. But research shows that people who take vacations are the ones getting promoted.

No one should have to question whether taking the vacation time they've earned is worth it because of the stress and work before and after.

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Yes, you do have enough time to read more books. Eliminate distractions to make it happen.

Businesses need employees with soft skills. Are universities doing enough to teach them?

We know that in-person social interaction is healthy. But research confirms that the more you use Facebook, the worse off you are in terms of both mental health and well-being.

Loneliness is threatening our physical health, our well-being, and our livelihood.


We're saddened by the loss of Clayton Christensen (1952-2020), the management scholar who first defined the theory of disruptive innovation. In 2010, he wrote about keeping sight of the most important things in life.

The barriers women face are a problem, but an even bigger problem may be the lack of barriers faced by mediocre men.

The barriers women face are a problem but an even bigger problem may be the lack of barriers faced by mediocre men

1. Be a collaborator, not an opponent. 2. Speak human to human. 3. Anticipate reactions and plan countermoves. 4. Replace blame with curiosity. 5. Ask for feedback on how you communicate. 6. Measure psychological safety.

Inclusive leaders are: - Visibly committed to diversity - Humble - Aware of their own bias - Curious about others - Culturally intelligent - Effective collaborators

Professionally ambitious women really only have two options when it comes to their personal partners — a super-supportive partner or no partner at all.

If your stress about work is keeping you up at night: 1. Make a to-do list to organize what's ahead. 2. Keep a journal. Process your anxiety instead of keeping it inside. 3. Exercise self-compassion. 4. Work out. 5. Meditate.

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