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  3. cardiff, you were lovely. thank you for having us. you were a perfect crowd tonight. all the love
Cardiff, you were lovely. Thank you for having us. You were a perfect crowd tonight. All the love


Now Playing: Where Were You in the Morning? by Shawn Mendes at https://t.co/8k2zy9bhQ7
We need some of you lovely people with lots of #mondaymotivation to sign up to the #royalparkshalf marathon for us! One of the most beautiful runs you will do through londons parks. Get involved whilst we still have spaces! https://t.co/cOl3xVNdv9 🏃
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@charlinthicum has triggered a lot of feelings. Thank you for taking me on vacation. Wait til you see the cast iron piece I am refinishing for @JeanGreasy and @QuelleChris. @ John F.… https://t.co/vy69Fc7Zws
Thank you for taking me down the shore, @jfalciano. Get at that pork roll sandwich at the @HamcoOC company, please and thank you. https://t.co/IyBWx9uA1h
Had the honor of visiting members of our military today at @WRBethesda. My son, Milo brought gifts for the patients/heroes. I’m grateful. I’m appreciative. Thank you to all that serve.
THANK YOU @Budlight for havin me at the #BudLightGetaway! It was CRAZZZZY! 🤪🔥🔥🔥
we're here for you austin
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Were you this #eldermillennial ? With the pajama top in public and the @britneyspears drink? #wedges
#MTVBaseBirthdays | If you were born today, you also share the same birth date as @ckay_yo ❤
Happy Birthday famooo
5(!) exclusive cover reveals: The One You Fight For by @RoniLoren (1/1), Suddenly Mine by @SamanthaChase3 (2/26), Cowboy Wolf Trouble by @kait_ballenger (1/1), Crazy Cupid Love by @amanda_heger (1/29), Beyond Risk by @CaptConnieMann (1/29) @Sourcebooks https://t.co/DzECJpESCJ
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