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  3. cardiff, you were lovely. thank you for having us. you were a perfect crowd tonight. all the love
Cardiff, you were lovely. Thank you for having us. You were a perfect crowd tonight. All the love


Did You Know This Was The Most Popular Halloween Costume The Year You Were Born? https://t.co/61TCc32JZj via @JMPoff
.@saraevansmusic performs "All the Love You Left Me" for #CMTNextWomen Live. Watch the acoustic version NOW.
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We're celebrating the 20th anniversary of @britneyspears' ...Baby One More Time with an ENTIRE DAY of Britney bangers. Make sure you're listening to @heatradio tomorrow for all the classics and some forgotten faves ✨🙌 Join the fun here: https://t.co/w4AOHmRLDy
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remember the time you were wishing for the thing you now take for granted.
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