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  3. cardiff, you were lovely. thank you for having us. you were a perfect crowd tonight. all the love
Cardiff, you were lovely. Thank you for having us. You were a perfect crowd tonight. All the love


Great news to wake up to this morning! Thank you to law enforcement for all their hard work to track this scumbag down.
For the love of GOD, Hollywood, why haven't you cast Lily Cole as the ethereally alien Queen of Sidhe yet?
Trumpkins and all you other inferior minded, right-wing cultists...No one is mad anymore that "The Dems" lost. We're FURIOUS because a treasonous, megalomaniacal moron and pathological criminal, is pulling this fucking country apart like warm bread.
I’ve been added to the @LatitudeFest line up. Always an honour to play this festival as it’s the one I used to go to and sit in the comedy tent all day dreaming about playing @Tania_Latitude - love you!
We're getting you to see @PacificRim at @IMAXSOFL before anyone else! https://t.co/4V55scEaIn to win your tickets for the whole family at 11:10am
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HAY you - we're taking all your good news calls riiiight now! 1-800-520-1027 https://t.co/PkQboszyuU
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Rock out with @Skynyrd today on #FreeBird (Ch. 30)! Their exclusive SiriusXM concert re-airs at 1pm and 9pm ET. Can you guess which tunes opened and closed the show? We're not telling... but you know you can yell FREE BIRD at your radio at anytime 😜
what we experienced was only ours. a night we’ll never forget. thank you for the blood sweat and tears Paraguay
pic: Cristóbal Núñez
Sad to announce that we need to reschedule the show tonight in Newark due to the extreme weather conditions 😔 Don't worry though because we'll make up for it and be back on April 2nd to ensure safe travel for you guys! Hang on to your tickets and see you then ❤️
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