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Latest Scoops

Thank you for the birthday love, for doing wonderful things and being wonderful. Love you. H
It's 2018, Happy New Year.
I'll be looking forward to next time. I love you, see you next year. H
Everyone who came out to see us this year, you've been incredible. I've been overwhelmed by your support over and over again.
ただいま日本🇯🇵 今日は東京
Mabel and The Preatures will be joining us on tour next year. Hershey and extra seats have been added in the US. I can't wait to see you. H
Thank you to everyone who voted for me at the ARIAs tonight. What a wonderfully warm welcome back to Australia. I love you all. H
Probably not on thanksgiving. Have a good dayyyyyy.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Hope you're having a lovely one. H
Singapore, you were very special tonight. Thank you for having me. I'll be looking forward to seeing you again soon. H
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