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Daniel Harford's personal account. Son, brother, husband, father, radio dude, coach and sport lover. Thoughts are all mine, which can be a concern...

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She's a remarkable young woman, Naomi.

She absolutely melted in the second set! Yet to regroup after your moment collapses on the biggest stage says an enormous amount about her character and resolve.

A second major? At 21?

Thoroughly impressed! #absoluterespect

Like this Tsitsipas fella. Looks like a good boy, let alone terrific talent. Go well, young man. 💪
Big result for @GreensboroughFC in @northernfl! Big 'Ding Dong' Bell putting pen to paper. Might be #helpfulthis season 💪 @PaulAmy375

The Most Relevant

This shameful scenario at Cape Town is the product of a culture that has become nothing less than toxic.

Egotistical, prima donna, arrogant, petulant, & elitist behavior has become acceptable & the new normal.

The great game of cricket deserves better than this mob. #gutted
I wonder if Virat will complain about Steve Smith looking up to the rooms again today. I have seen him do it twice!

#50 & #100 💪💪
Luke Hodge owes the Hawthorn Football Club nothing.

He will always be a Hawthorn legend.

This is great for football.

#goodluck 👏👏👏
This whole "Premiership player = Life Member" equation is fundamentally wrong in my opinion.

Life membership of any organization is a reward for commitment, service, performance & loyalty over time.

Not having one good day.

'Premiership Player' has its own cache. Enjoy that.
Phil Gould couldn't hate @storm any more! So good to hear him squirm in the box today.

#notsoluckyPhil 😉
Dear USA,

Please don't.


The World.
Lives can be lost. But they should never be taken.
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