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Check out Meredith Fineman’s big- selling “Brag Better.” I’m proud of our successful “Hardball” intern!

It was my honor to interview @repjohnlewis  most recently in May 2019. As a young activist in The Freedom Riders, he later turned to electoral politics and was with Robert Kennedy when he was killed in LA. To the end, he was a deeply committed, soulful man.

Happy Birthday to Bob Dole. He fought for this country in WWII. He got hit by German machine gunners carrying a wounded GI from the line of fire. He overcame his wounds to serve in the US senate. Best to you, sir!

Hedging his bets for a bad night in November, @realDonaldTrump  wants a veto on 2020 Presidential debate moderators. If he doesn’t get his way he’ll say the @CommissionPresidentialDebates  are “rigged.” Prepare for his worst!

I predict Joe Biden will select Senator Harris as his vp running mate. I see him barnstorming the country with Barack, Michelle and the California senator. It’s the portrait of America’s future.

@JoyAnnReid I totally agree. You will carry on the soulful conscience of the great Honorable John Lewis. He never stopped reminding us of our shared humanity.

Two women now lead Northern Ireland. @arlene  Foster and @michele  O’NeilI. The great John Hume was buried yesterday but not his goal of a peaceful sharing of power. Blessed are the peacemakers. Here is my tribute to Mr. Hume in the NY Daily News.

Big Decision for this country! Biggest decision since Jack Kennedy picked Lyndon Johnson sixty years ago.

Trump is right to show respect for RBG. True presidential behavior. Far too rare.


I recall the courage of a 29 year-old who took on an unbeatable US senator, who, when his wife and daughter were killed, came home from DC every night to raise what was left of his family. I have to believe Americans will see past the gaffes to Joe Biden's guts and goodness.

If Dr. Blasey Ford doesn't testify, the historic loser will be Donald Trump. Her story will not go away even if, especially if, Kavanaugh is confirmed. Imagine her on 60 Minutes the Sunday before the midterms.

Omarosa says she has video tapes. She's going to bring one to #Hardball  tonight at 7.

Did you see that @SpeakerRyan  has chickened out on bump stocks? They're doing NOTHING on Las Vegas. Nada.

I’m proud of the courageous testimony by Ms. Williams and Lt. Col. Vindman. Today is a great day for our country. I loved what Vindman said about America: “This is the country that I have served and defended, that all of my brothers have served and here, right matters.”

Tonight Trump is selling toughness over understanding.True leaders have both.The tragic night after Dr. King was killed, a white politician went into a black neighborhood in Indianapolis.The police said don't go, but Bobby Kennedy went because he cared.We need such leadership now