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I'll be in the spin room tonight, live for post debate coverage on @MSNBC . We'll be talking to the presidential candidates and more! Tune in. #DemDebate 

Interesting debate so far. Many candidates are pushing for unity, supporting options on health care. Something is happening. The notion and even the use of the word "fight" is losing the battle. At least tonight, "unity" is winning. Democrats want to win 2020. #DemDebate 

It’s clear what Trump’s agenda is, it’s getting his resort packed by the next G7.

I’m back on @hardball  tonight! Kathleen and I had a great week off. Expect a dramatic opening to tonight’s show...

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Great guests on @hardball  tonight: @staceyabrams  and @MarkSanford . I'll talk to both about how they plan to beat Trump in 2020.

Senator Klobuchar and Mayor Pete are standing out tonight. They're putting themselves into this debate with impressive answers. #DemDebate 

Education as been a big topic tonight, unlike the first and second debate. Senator Sanders made a strong bid to hold onto his support from younger voters to pay off all student loans. #DemDebate 

Senators Warren and Sanders are the candidates with the ideological agendas, committed to a structural change in America. The others seem like more traditional candidates, putting forth ideas that are subject to adjustment. #DemDebate 


How can you not be impressed that Senator Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota declared that she will vote against confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court? It takes character to vote against the way the wind is blowing back home. We'll see how other Senators vote.

Omarosa says she has video tapes. She's going to bring one to #Hardball  tonight at 7.

Did you see that @SpeakerRyan  has chickened out on bump stocks? They're doing NOTHING on Las Vegas. Nada.

A human being should never call another human being “a dog.” A President of the United States should never refer to a fellow citizen in this way. It demeans and reduces the office and the person who holds it far more than it does the intended target.

Why do Republicans support restrictions on voting but oppose any rules on guns?

The idea that Dr. Blasey Ford is a part of some left wing conspiracy is an insult to her. She has every right to petition Congress. And Congress should listen to people, otherwise why are they there?

Trump’s worldview is one in the same: ignore climate change, burn more coal, shoot all large animals, leave the world one solid waste dump.