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Hadith of the Day

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Learn ways of keeping your heart connected with Allah alive by reading this heartfelt article. Find out further info here:

Is it deemed haram to work for a company which has an association with alcohol? Discover the answer here:

The correct answer is No, he had no siblings, but he had 6 foster brothers and 1 foster sister (who suckled from the same women). Well done to all those who got the correct answer!

Where did the Muhammad’s (pbuh) mother pass away?

Don't know when the last third of the night is for those precious prayers? Find the answer here:

Today, let's make a dua for the poor and the oppressed. The countless innocent people who are suffering every day. May Allah make it easy for the people of Yemen, Syria, Kashmir, Palestine. May all their duas be accepted. Ameen

As black as night, magnificent gold. Come to Allah_s House, pray that you are called there..


And it was Allah who saved me every single time... Always rely on Allah alone.

Below are the dates for the odd nights in the last 10 days of Ramadan. 21st Night = Night of 5th June 23rd Night = Night of 7th June 25th Night = Night of 9th June 27th Night = Night of 11th June 29th Night = Night of 13th June Please RETWEET so others can prepare too

And here's another awesome video of the Kiswa being changed! 🕋 Please retweet so others can see this marvellous event!

Allah says "Take one step toward me, I will take ten steps towards you. Walk towards me, I will run towards you." It's that simple. Please Retweet to comfort others

Top 5 tips to help you wake for Fajr! 1. Try to sleep early 2. Don’t eat too much before you sleep. 3. Make a sincere intention to wake up 4. Perform wudhu before you sleep. Sunnah too! 5. Set your alarm & put your phone across the room Please RT so others can benefit

This is what Hajj looks like 🕋🕋❤️❤️

Dear Allah. I pray that whoever reads this message shall have your comfort, joy, peace, love, & guidance. I may not know their troubles, but you do. Please keep protecting us. Ameen.