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Gourmet Secrets: If Park Street is every Calcuttan’s rite of passage, Flurys is the stopover that’s not to be missed

By @KarenAnand
#Interview by @VeenuSingh12 | @Roymouni says she’d love to share screen space with actor @RyanGosling
Travel: How not to be arrested in Latvia (and Estonia)

By @SaubhadraC
Ageism is one thing, feeling old is another: Naseeruddin Shah writes on the subtle art of ageing
Dancing in the rain: The joys and jolts of parenting

By @ShobaNarayan
Curating the best of the Internet for your Sunday viewing benefits
A streetside symphony: Lending a ear to the beats of the gullies

By @rehana_munir
While @AnushkaSharma and singer @imjmichaels are currently tweeting to each other about their resemblance, here’s a nostalgic look at when likeness between celebrities made the Internet lose its mind!


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We surely agree with you on this @eyehinakhan. @htlifeandstyle
Here are pics of @iHrithik and sons from @HTBrunch trending four days after the story was out. #RoshanSons @htTweets
Guess who we have for our #Brunch interaction tomorrow? Yes it's ! Follow & ask your Qs using WithArmaan Yay! #BrunchWithArmaan
The sexiest thing about a man? His intellect! Actor @eyehinakhan gets candid

By @ananya1281
.’s rendition of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s song is on this week’s WTF, by
#Interview | “I wish I could have played Jassi in Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin, gender notwithstanding!” TV actor @NakuulMehta most personal confessions

By @BeingFeline
Meet a dashing television star who is rather filmy in real life!
@NakuulMehta @htTweets
#personalagenda #actorswelove #tvshows #tvactors #nakuulmehta #starswelove
#BrunchWTF by @AanchalTuli: @iamsrk’s @TEDTalks-debut is this week’s must-watch video
COVER STORY | @BeingSalmanKhan’s most revelatory interview ever
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