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shoutout to my little friend that helped me get home in the video🥺

no no 😭 I sent him a screenshot of the chat coz he wanted to post it out

was gonna say something but nevermind

might bring the vlogs back

damn, I really miss you guys

please do what you can, I’ve only just watched the video and I can’t actually believe what I saw. swipe thru this and read. click how to help and you’ll see so many ways you can support the awful things that are happening in Lebanon 🖤


almost missed it, happy 1 year DNYL, miss you boys, what a banger @NCTsmtown_DREAM  ❤️

sorry but it’s TAYLORS music, TAYLOR wrote her music, TAYLOR worked her ass off for years, TAYLOR is successful because of TAYLOR..at least give her the chance to own the rights to her own music.

chenle ? @NCTsmtown_DREAM  when we wasn’t shooting scenes we was shooting them hoops;)))))

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music breaking language barriers, we’re here for it

ok maybe I need your love

got bored ☺️ just a lil somethin from “IDNYL” @NCTsmtown_DREAM 

remember a boy and a girl can just be friends ?

if you’re reading this, I hope something good happens to you today