Meredith Talusan

Meredith Talusan@1demerith ) writes beautifully for @nytimes  about her own transition, pushing back against the concept of “mourning” when a trans person bravely comes out to live their truth.

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Meredith Talusan

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Arguments of Bill Taylor’s supposed bias against Trump really fall apart when you hear just how hard he was working to save him from himself and stop him from doing the very things that could get him impeached. #ImpeachmentHearings 

Looks like Nunes is going to focus entirely on a debunked conspiracy theory. Debunked by our own intelligence community. One Trump’s own administration officials have told me is nuts.

Imagine your weather app said it was raining rockets. This is what Israeli civilians are experiencing right now: non-stop rockets launched at them by Islamic Jihad in Gaza. We will continue to operate until there are clear skies over Israel.

Both witnesses just confirmed they were not on the call. We have the transcript. There was no discussion of aid or conditionality on that call. Period.

This is the heart of the impeachment inquiry. Do Americans - D or R - accept the president extorting an ally in need for political gain? Taylor: "It's one thing to try to leverage a meeting in the WH. It's another thing to try to leverage security assistance to a country at war”

Kent just made Trump's case for the necessity of investigating Burisma and Ukraine corruption.

"Are you familiar...about these allegations related to Vice Pres. Biden?" George Kent: "I am." "And to your knowledge, is there any factual basis to support those allegations?" "None whatsoever." #ImpeachmentHearings 

This line of questioning is...kinda implicating Barr in all of this.

WOW: Mid-hearing impeachment inquiry officials announce two new closed depositions. Friday: David Holmes Saturday: Mark Sandy, an OMB official who refused to appear last week.

Great deadpan from House Dems counsel Daniel Goldman: "I want to spend some time just reading the transcript, as we've been encouraged to do."