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Instead of Mina at the Movies, let's play Mina at the Draft! Which of these prospects is real?

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Mina Movies / Mina Draft

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Marie Yovanovitch, on Lt. Col. Vindman: "Alex should have received the honor and thanks and recognition of the nation. He deserved better than this. Our country deserved better than this."

New York's mayor Bill de Blasio joined activists to paint ‘Black Lives Matter’ in giant yellow letters on the city's exclusive Fifth Avenue in front of Trump Tower

Pentagon chief confirms he was briefed on Russian payments to the Taliban

‘Trump’s gonna f*ck you’ — This tech CEO was filmed going on an anti-Asian rant at a family dining in California (warning: distressing)

KEEP SWIMMING: Huge stingrays are seen swimming past Florida beachgoers who appear completely unaware of their passing.

WH Chief of Staff Mark Meadows: "Most Americans don't care about [Trump's] tax return."

"Unfortunately, the man you're working for [Pres. Trump] is lying about testing," @andersoncooper  says to CDC Dir. Robert Redfield. "He's saying the only reason we have the cases that we do have is because we're testing so gosh darn much when that is just not true." #CNNTownHall 

Bill Nye the Science Guy took to TikTok to demonstrate why the general public should wear masks, conducting a series of experiments to show how different kinds of face coverings work

Some states have opened too quickly, allowing the coronavirus pandemic to come roaring back, Dr. Anthony Fauci said.

#BREAKING US posts new record 24-hour virus caseload of more than 65,000: Johns Hopkins

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