Hardwood Paroxysm

Hardwood Paroxysm

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Black Lives Matter. Systemic racism is not a problem in this country, it is a crisis. Police brutality is not a problem in this country, it is a crisis. The constant repositioning of issues away from these central crises are not a discussion but a smoke screen.

I'll continue to do that, I don't have the words to convey the enormity of a centuries old systematic assault on the lives and well-being of people, and if I did, I still feel those words are better shared by people more informed of it than me.

But several good people in private conversations have said that the simple act of my support is welcome and I would never, ever want to be negligent to that.

We need to talk about what we need to talk about and that's targeted violence, targeted prejudice, targeted discrimination, targeted murder.

I grew up in a town that had race riots in the 1910's and I never learned about it as part of our history. I grew up in a town where the grand wizards of the klan got his mail at the post office and no one talked about it.

I make my living covering a sport played primarily by black athletes, the culture of which is black, and whose athletes have lived a life under threat I will never really understand because of my privilege.

I'll continue trying to amplify voices and resources, I'll continue to talk to those I know about the issues. I'll continue to donate what I can. I'll continue to listen and hope that I can teach my kids to make a better world than the one we've allowed.

Nothing is enough, it's really just not, and I feel overwhelmed by that. But to those suffering in this, I am listening, I am trying, I support you. That's it. That's what I've got.

I wrote on the NBA’s apparent plan they’re voting on this week and why it’s the worst form of compromise on all sides:


Nick Young outlasted D’Angelo Russell as a Laker. There’s an upset.

The Nets made the worst trade in history haven’t had their pick in an eon and still rebuilt faster than the Knicks.

So... Cam Newton, Under Armour, loses Super Bowl. Jordan Spieth, Under Armour, collapses in the Masters. Steph Curry, Under Armour...

There’s something genuinely interesting to the generational divide between class of 03-06 and 09-12. Because LeBron, CP3: “Nope, the max, and nothing but the max.” Warriors: “We’ll all take less so we can annihilate your hopes and dreams and then burn the ashes and snort them"

The Nets literally got the rebuild Ainge went for.

LeBron 26-5-7 in the second half. No turnovers.

BTW, Cousins is a GD genius. Sees there’s no market for him with his injury, signs a one year deal, wins a ring to get that burden off, then can recoup value. G-E-N-I-U-S.

Harden: “Chris (Paul) is always watching games and texting me ‘Did you see this, did you see what that guy did?” And I’m like ‘Chris, you know I’m out right now.’”