Issa bob? Drop some ?? if you feeling #Shhh  from @fsodinero  ft. @FSOSauce 

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Who the hell are these reporters asking POTUS about the weapon used and suspect info?

Yet another Dan Abrams crap operation burps up a bunch of leftwing former prosecutors who weren’t happy with AG Barr’s comments during my interview.  Typically unhinged and unbalanced BS from the site and its cherry picked hacks.

I've partnered with @insomniacevents  to film a very special livestream at The Gorge. I'm stoked to share this experience with all of you virtually and know one day we will come together again in person! The show starts this Saturday at 6pm PST:

This little boy was terrified of dogs — until he met this senior pup 💛

Another school district board meeting this evening, this time on school reopening and how the Marxists claim that it's racist to reopen schools. (Not joking.)

Also #OnThisDay  in 2019, @OfficialMonstaX  took over STAPLES Center. Who was there?! #Monbebe  let's hear you! #MONSTA_X 

Michael Brown's Father Honors 6-Year Anniversary of Son's Death by Attending Memorial for Breonna Taylor:

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Here's one final goodbye from the @AgentsofSHIELD  cast before Wednesday... we're not even going to pretend we're not crying 😭 Watch the full video with @ChloeBennet4  @clarkgregg  @Lil_Henstridge  , and more here:

This dog was chained up for 2 years and wasting away — watch him turn into the most beautiful husky 😍