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Latest Scoops

The #KidneyX #RedesignDialysis prize challenge is an opportunity to change kidney care forever. Join leaders from @NIH, @CDCgov, @US_FDA and @ASNKidney to learn more about the first prize & ask questions: https://t.co/Mplk10RGGR@Kidney_X
“Where can I find data about mental health?” These are the kind of questions we hear and answer on the https://t.co/aadVAz5WWb team. Check out our feedback page for Q&A and reach out: https://t.co/0zEfPV47Ng
2/2 Can’t find what you’re looking for or have feedback? We can help! The https://t.co/jSG9JOU26o team will help you find #OpenData for your project. https://t.co/0zEfPV47Ng
1/2 #DYK that https://t.co/aadVAz5WWb helps you find open #HealthData for research and discovery? Search data from @CMSGov @CDCgov and others at: https://t.co/8NxkCW7Oll
Considering applying for the @Kidney_X #RedesignDialysis prize? Check out the latest #FAQs https://t.co/mbWcdovZpe
Resources like @usdatagov make it easier to find public use data - do you need #HealthData for your project? You can use the https://t.co/aadVAz5WWb team as a resource- ask us questions about open health data! Check out previous questions and reach out: https://t.co/0zEfPV47Ng
A new 14 week #tech sprint @HHSGov aims to transform federal open #data into digital tools that will improve the patient experience. Learn more: https://t.co/U2egH5xxyj #TOPhealth
What challenges does @HHSGov face to make the organization fundamentally #DataDriven? This report highlights the challenges – technical, legal, and cultural – that prevent #data from being shared and used across the organization: https://t.co/j5ipOHV1Lm
. @HHSGov and @ASNKidney announce $2.6M in prizes to #RedesignDialysis. This is the first of many opportunities to improve treatment options for patients with kidney diseases. Submissions open today! https://t.co/9yw0YwpzMo
.@HHSCTO and Rachel Meyer @ASNKidney’s Director of Policy and Government Affairs sit down W/ ASN TV to talk abt @Kidney_X #KidneyWkn
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