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The HHS IDEA Lab spurs innovation to better deliver on the Dept.'s mission. #HackRedTape with us. (Tweet/Follow/RT does not equal endorsement peeps)

Latest Scoops

Thank you for joining us for #HHSInnovation Day in person or via livestream. Thank you to all of our speakers and attendees! & a special congratulations to the HHS Ignite teams- you did it!
You can learn more about the Data Science CoLab at HHS here: https://t.co/QH5Hx8DLgK
Bishen Singh from @NIH presenting his Data Science CoLab capstone project. Bishen’s goal is to automate the grant coding process by using supervised machine learning to automate coding- the vision? One click coding #HHSInnovation
Keith Tucker’s capstone project from the HHS Data Science CoLab aimed to improve how researchers can find related datasets published on https://t.co/aadVAz5WWb by suggesting new keywords #HHSInnovation
Carla Piwinsky from @HRSAgov presents her capstone project from the HHS Data Science CoLab #HHSInnovation
HHS IDEA Lab’s, Will Yang, introduces the capstone presentations from the Data Science CoLab #HHSinnovation
Earlier this year, HHS launched the Data Science Co-Lab, a two month immersive course to teach data science techniques. Learn more: https://t.co/9UbtkhbgnJ
Amy Wilson points to https://t.co/t6Ixyf53UW - a how-to resource guide for federal employees about innovation in government. @Digital_Gov @USGSA #HHSInnovation
To all the panelists -- it is our true privilege to work with @HHSGov employees dedicated to testing, innovating, and improving on how we serve the American People. Thank you for your dedication and work! #HHSInnovation
"Don't be afraid to reach out and ask for feedback. Get it out the door - [the product] does not have to be perfect." -@ekivemark #HHSInnovation
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