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The HHS IDEA Lab spurs innovation to better deliver on the Dept.'s mission. #HackRedTape with us. (Tweet/Follow/RT does not equal endorsement peeps)

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#DYK you can follow the HHS Chief Technology Officer @HHSCTO ? #FF
The first Data Analyst Exchange program at HHS aimed to share challenges, lessons learned, and best practices between efforts in the US and the UK to monitor and promote health. Learn more: https://t.co/7CX6Xb6Obp
We will be at #hdpalooza along with @HHSCTO. Don’t miss @HHSCTO’s keynote on April 26. Learn more: https://t.co/AGmzXQkGHN
What are @HHSCTO and former HHS CTO @SusannahFox up to? You will find out at #hdpalooza: https://t.co/D3GNh036gD
.@HHSGov will be well represented at #hdpalooza to explore the newest, most innovative, and effective uses of health data. Learn more: https://t.co/AGmzXQkGHN
“We’ve got to really run hard. We don’t share nearly enough data from within government..." -@HHSCTO https://t.co/US436lhUh6
Other countries face similar and unique challenges/opportunities to share and use health data.The Data Analyst Exchange Program aims to share best practices in data sharing: https://t.co/7CX6Xb6Obp
"The Department of Health and Human Services’ CTO sees the open data movement as a “baton” in a relay race." https://t.co/US436lhUh6
Meet us at the @hdpalooza to explore the most innovative & effective uses of health data. We're exhibiting! https://t.co/GqjNvyVPMm#hdpalooza
Have you checked out the #hdpalooza agenda to find when @HHSCTO and other @HHSGov leaders are speaking? View the agenda here: https://t.co/Zmx8NeRPlr
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