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The boys from @weareoneEXO say marhaba UAE!! #EXOPowerDubai
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The boys from @weareoneEXO say  marhaba UAE!! #EXOPowerDubai


Baz Luhrmann teases collaboration with Korean superstars @BTS_twt
The tuxedos @BTS_twt wore to the #Grammys were classic, but carried a powerful meaning.
The Democrats are investigating Trump’s use of the National Emergencies Act yet they said nothing on all those occasions when Obama used it. They even defend DACA when it is clearly unconstitutional. Dangerous clowns.
.@JacksonWang852 joins @NerDiRich in-studio tonight at 9PM PT 🎙!

Who’s listening in? #JacksonWang
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This is the bigggggeeeesssttt Friday mood ⚡️ @LadyGaga
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How would the Left have reacted if we tried to invalidate Obama’s election by invoking the 25th Amendment? Yes exactly! This double standard in American politics has got to stop!
While we are all frustrated, please spare a thought for people who are most affected by the postponement... like our corpers who had to spend the night in terrible sleeping conditions, people who had weddings or other milestone occasions planned, etc. May God help us all.

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More on the Aurora shooting: Police say the gunman in the plant massacre opened fire shortly after a meeting in which he was terminated from his job
Armed robber takes $500 in jewelry from couple walking on Cross Seminole Trail, police say | See what residents have to say about the attack:
The Chilli Boys are now five matches unbeaten since coach Clinton Larsen took over the reigns from Joel Masuthu.
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