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Big news for UAE fans of : The boys will be taking over the this weekend!
Big news for UAE fans of : The boys will be taking over the  this weekend!


In a CNN town hall, presidential candidate Howard Schultz says “he doesn’t see color.” Which checks out, because we don’t hear bulls**t.
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When a whale swam up to this woman and wouldn't leave her alone, she was freaked out — until she realized he was saving her life 🐳 (via @Caters_News)
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Michael Jordan’s NBA
salaries over 15 seasons: $93 million

Jordan’s net worth today: $1.9 billion

(Source: Forbes)
i have waited lifetimes to find you...
Sally McAfee: “There will be a league called the AAFL dear, it’ll actually be pretty good”

Little Cuzzie: “But they will get rid of kickoffs and stuff mom”

Sally: “I know Pat, but the people won’t even notice”
Fake news. Fake attacks. Fake allegations. Fake Mexican. Fake American Indian. I think we’re finally getting the picture on how the Left operates
Better make mistakes
than faking perfections
unbreak their hearts -
devaststing -
the trauma tattoo
thanks to trump
okay but how did Lonzo lowkey bury T-Pain 😂😭
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This one isn't over! Plenty to play for in the second half

Doncaster... #DONCRY
The 97 Hour President's Day Mix Weekend is on! Listen ALL weekend for the hottest music mixed by the best DJ's in the tri-state! @jenfrombk X @Djsparkx 🔥

Made HOT by where you can choose from over a thousand cars to fit your needs and budget.
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🔴 RESULT: Three-time Lakeside Champion Glen Durrant marches on - he's into the Quarter-Finals for the second time this year after a 6-2 win over Mensur Suljovic with a 99 average! #PC4
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