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We're getting our first images from the #DeepVeer wedding at Lake Como. More here: https://t.co/ZNv00NXISI (Photo: AP)
That's hot! @ParisHilton will be back in Dubai to launch her latest fragrance #PlatinumRush: https://t.co/7hYIO64DU8
.@SpotifyArabia is now available in the UAE: Here's what you need to know. Plus, other (legal) streaming services available https://t.co/wzxv506ToJ
Ahead of his concert at the @IVdubai tomorrow, @BrianMcFadden talks to us about his new music and moving on from #Westlife: https://t.co/5dSBv3B7PD
The agency of #KPop band #BTS has apologised for members wearing a T-shirt depicting the explosion of an atomic bomb and a hat with a Nazi emblem ahead of an appearance in Japan https://t.co/vEKnxUs9zv
"Nobody is all good, or all bad." Today we pay homage to man and the legend that was #StanLee https://t.co/GbUkYtoFvB #TabloidCover
To mark the 70th birthday of #PrinceCharles today, @ClarenceHouse released this family portrait shot by Chris Jackson at #ClarenceHouse. (📸 @KensingtonRoyal)
April 2019 it is. #GameOfThrones (📸 @HBO)
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Just in: In the UAE, @SpotifyArabia will be available for free with advertisements, or ad-free for a monthly subscription fee of Dh19.99.
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