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The iconic #RogerMoore died on this day in 2017 from prostate cancer, at his home in Switzerland. He was 89. #JamesBond (📷 @007)
Meet #ClareWaightKeller, the designer behind the #RoyalWedding2018 dress, and find out why #MeghanMarkle chose her: https://t.co/gyVcHmZO6T
DJ #Avicii, who was found dead in Muscat last month at the age of 28, will be given a private funeral, his publicist has revealed https://t.co/iftZf1Inlb
#ArianaGrande sends a message of hope to fans on the #ManchesterArena anniversary https://t.co/jOz5cuZkAF
😍 Who’s ready for #Oceans8 next month? In the meantime, @MindyKaling shares this picture of her and the #posse.
As #SoloAStarWarsStory releases in the #UAE tomorrow, we speak with #AldenEhrenreich who plays #HanSolo a character made famous by #HarrisonFord in the film franchise #TabloidCover https://t.co/1pUeTGuQAY
Our #TabloidGiveaway, for tickets to @TheJohnAbraham's film #Parmanu (out this Thursday in the UAE) is now live on our Facebook page. Go here: https://t.co/5VgTAeOSRk
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The Parents Television Council in the US has called Season 2 of #13ReasonsWhy 'a ticking time bomb to teens and children' https://t.co/1Gr6gF0XOE
We're getting too good at goodbyes. Here's why sad songs (and singers like #SamSmith) are ruling the charts https://t.co/6pcPZow1QD
Can't be bothered to cook or go out for #iftar? We've got you covered. Here are 12 iftar home deliveries in the UAE: https://t.co/0YrMnaZ1N6
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