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Hey, #LizQuen fans, how's your Friday going? We are keeping it chill, hanging out with #LizaSoberano and #EnriqueGil as they promote their new film #AloneTogether in #Dubai
From @ajaydevgn to @AnilKapoor and @MadhuriDixit, the motley crew of #TotalDhamaal bring some genuine laughs to this madcap adventure. Our review:
In an exclusive interview, #Bollywood actor @rampalarjun talks about his web debut, #TheFinalCall, which drops today on @ZEE5Global #TabloidCover
Two weeks to @brielarson blazing on to our screens with @captainmarvel ⚡️⚡️⚡️
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It's nearly time. Happy weekend everyone!
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Here's your ultimate guide to the @dubaifoodfest, which kicked off today
#HughJackman has revealed the top 10 finalists for the Global Teacher Prize who will vie for the $1m prize to be handed in #Dubai on March 24
Breaking: #Empire actor Jussie Smolett (@JussieSmollett) turns himself in after accusations of making a false report, says a California police spokesperson.
In #Dubai for a fashion show, viral sensation-turned model #JeremyMeeks moves on from his ‘Hot Felon’ nickname. #TabloidCover
#Filipino stars @lizasoberano and @itsenriquegil have arrived in #Dubai, to promote their latest film #AloneTogether. They will be at @TheDubaiMall on Friday at 11am and at @alwahdamall on Saturday at 11am. #LizQuen #EnriqueGil #LizaSoberano
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See you next time, boys! Here are sending a cosy goodbye from ' VIP Al Majlis Lounge earlier today. #EXOinDubai #EXOPowerDubai
And here it is, the moment #Exo fans have been waiting for: their idols projected on the @BurjKhalifa. #ExoLs
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Big news for UAE fans of : The boys will be taking over the this weekend!
And the #Exo craze begins at the foot of the which will play a special video of the band tonig#KPopht.
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Here’s the moment fans have been waiting for: The #DubaiFountain playing #Power by @weareoneEXO! #EXOPowerDubai
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And we’re done. The @weareoneEXO pose for photos after their press conference at @ArmaniHotelDXB. #EXOPowerDubai
Wait! Is #Power going to be performed live by @weareoneEXO at #SMTOWNinDubai? Oh yes it is!
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Do the @weareoneEXO boys like shawarma? Of course they do! 😂 #EXOPowerDubai
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