Guido Fawkes

Do take a look and enjoy woke @JolyonMaugham  versus the @Twitter  feminists on the subject of six foot women who possess a penis playing women's rugby. Carnage on the field and on @Twitter .

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OR WHAT? You’re gonna defund the police? Or what, you’re gonna impeach Trump? Or what, you’re gonna call Trump supporters Nazis? Or what, you’re gonna smear the SCOTUS nom as a gang rapist drug dealer? OR WHAT?!

So let's get this straight... @JoeBiden  wants to take our guns, "redistribute" police funding, and his VP pick and staffers work actively to bail out dangerous criminals? This Biden Trifecta will leave Americans completely defenseless.

Let's be precise. GOP-controlled Senate didn't "reject" Obama's 2016 SCOTUS nominee; they didn't assess Garland's fitness, hold a vote, vote him down Rather, McConnell refused to hold vote or even a single hearing. He invented a rule to steal a seat & hoard it for a GOP successor

We won't give up. We won't lose hope. We'll honor Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's legacy by continuing the fight for gender equality.

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Ricin: Letter containing poison addressed to Trump at White House

Trump says he has approved TikTok/Oracle/Walmart deal 'in concept'

In democracies, power is handed over from one leader to the next as a result of free and fair elections. The United States is a democracy.

John Feal standing up for sick vets: ‘Before you’re a Republican or Democrat, you’re supposed to be an American. And before you’re an American you’re supposed to be a human being. And if you don’t get that then you don’t belong in office in the first place.’

Trump: 'Most likely' female Supreme Court nominee coming within days

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"Fox has changed a lot - changed a lot. Sad." @realDonaldTrump  Tell me about it, Mr. President.