Houthi rebels kill at least 80 Yemeni soldiers in missile attack on mosque

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Did you know that it's not too late to change your Democratic presidential primary vote in Minnesota? If you picked a candidate that dropped out of the race, or you've simply changed your mind, you can redo your vote — but only until Feb. 25.

NPR in South Carolina interviews man who says he supported Sanders in 2016, supports Bloomberg now, but voted early for Biden. 🤷‍♀️

Trump is gutting our national security system like a fish. Expertise, leadership, independent thinking are being scooped out and tossed. What're we left with: Hacks and growing danger. My latest for @thedailybeast .

"I haven't seen any intelligence that Russia is doing anything to attempt to get President Trump reelected," Robert O'Brien tells @GStephanopoulos  amid reports that intel officials told lawmakers Russia is meddling in 2020, with a preference for Trump.

Apple, with profits of $55bn, is already roughly as big as Standard Oil and US Steel were at their peak in 1910

Donald Trump’s first visit to India is scheduled to fit into 36 hours

Twitter suspends 70 pro-Bloomberg accounts for violating its rules

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Coronavirus outbreak: Turkey closes border with Iran to stop infection spreading – live news

. @marcshort45  says Trump's "frustration" is "more with Adam Schiff and those in the House Intelligence Committee" than with Russia and election security. #MTP  #IfItsSunday 

US President Donald Trump along with First Lady Melania Trump depart from Andrews Air Force Base for a two day visit to India. President Trump will attend the 'Namaste Trump' event at Motera Stadium in Ahmedabad, tomorrow.