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With my girl on BROADWAY — seeing “Mrs. Doubtfire”. It’s awesome! @DoubtfireBway  #mrsdoubtfire 

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Great tribute to @michaelstrahan  on @FOXFOOTBALL  right now. He was an amazing @Giants  defensive player but so great to hear his TV colleagues say what a great leader he was too and worked harder than anyone else. #congrats  — retiring his jersey today.

Could have been a lot worse. Sixty-one people in England stranded in a pub for three days after a massive snowstorm. Thankfully there were beverages to be had. @QuakeMedia :

What am I not ok with? Find out here and join the #ItsNotOK  campaign … acknowledging 16 days of advocacy to end violence against women. @WomenforWomen  @LiftOurVoicesUS  @julieroginsky  @dianafalzone 

A Pennsylvania District Attorney is petitioning the US Supreme Court to consider reinstating Bill Cosby's conviction for assaulting a woman. So could he be going back to prison? @QuakeMedia :

In his new book, Trump's former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows apparently admits former President Trump tested positive for Covid three days before the debate with Joe Biden. What? @QuakeMedia :

Dating apps are getting more sophisticated by adding a more human touch. Match Group Inc. adding a premium option to have a human added to your swiping algorithm. Will that help you find love quicker? @QuakeMedia :


Let me get this straight. Pres Trumps family refused to wear masks at debate even when asked by Cleveland Clinic reps. Pres still goes to NJ fundraiser after knowing Hope Hicks tested positive. At Supreme Court presser attendees shook hands, hugged & were maskless. How selfish.

Will never forget how @JudgeJeanine  tried to take me down from within Fox but she just can’t seem to forget my name. Freudian slip because she knew i was telling the truth? I live rent free in their brains. Me and Whitmer. Ghost of Gretchen!

Will another one bite the dust? Let’s just say she’s not one to support other women

This is happening to families all across America right now. Being disowned, cut off and disparaged ... So so sad. I'm sorry @RepKinzinger  - Bravery can be lonely.

I stand w/ @JenniferEckhart  and #CathyAreu  2 immensely brave women who now have their voices heard. I know how hard it is to come forward w/ allegations. We won’t cower in a corner anymore. We are standing up, we are fierce & being heard @LiftOurVoicesUS 

While sitting at home (safely) they tell others to be the guinea pigs. How friendly.

Let me just say that @JoeBiden  was the first candidate on the Dem side to support our mission at @LiftOurVoicesUS  to end NDAs and stop silencing women. Thank you. We can make this a reality! #metoo  #befierce  #liftourvoices  @timesupnw 

So now we’re only going to be left with old white men to vote for for President again? We think we’ve come so far and then it’s just so disappointing. @SenWarren  and @amyklobuchar  — continue the fight!!

Tucker Carlson’s new 3 part series “Patriot Purge” claims the January 6th riot was a “false flag” & that liberals are waging some kind of insidious “domestic war” against the right-wing. I wish I could say I’m surprised Fox News is enabling this bat shit craziness. #WhatTheFox