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We weren't wrong to believe in No. 9 IU, which threw a 42-35 scare into No. 3 Ohio State:

Relive the Colts’ OT win against Green Bay with me, but I gotta warn you: This game descended into chaos. And I wrote it that way:

Pacers use 54th pick in NBA Draft to pick a wing from Duke who jumps higher than Zion Williamson (‼️). Here’s @ScottEHorner  with more on Cassius Stanley, including a video clip you might find interesting:

Makeup call for the pass interference on Minnesota defense a few drives back. PJ Fleck has been working officials, for just that moment.

Minnesota didn’t beat Purdue. A phantom penalty did:

Here comes IU's biggest football game in decades. Pregame read by @skrajisnik3 . We've got Stef, @Jon_Blau  and @ZachOsterman  all over this game. And me! Here's Stef:

We weren’t wrong to believe in IU football:


Pence used the Colts, who went out of their way to accommodate the VP - with no idea this political stunt was coming

Spent a lot of time with these last few months, and really loved that young man. Knew I’d have to write this one day. So terribly sad that day is here. A tribute, to Tyler:

Well done, Tennessee fans. Next move: fire the idiots who thought hiring Schiano was a good idea in the first place. Utter incompetence there.

Selfish little jerk Josh McDaniels did the Colts a favor.

Tennessee and its fans are getting an unfair wrap. That media-schmoozing fake Currie - he tried once with me - caused this mess. Fans fixed it. Now with Currie gone, the school has a chance to end this thing well.

Ex-Pacer Al Harrington’s journey to $1 billion marijuana mogul started with a single step: Giving his grandma some pot so she could read her Bible. Oh, this is a true story.

Colts QB Andrew Luck retired because football, once his refuge, had become his dark place. No paywall here. Open to anyone who wants to read about the most shocking retirement in NFL history. Jim Brown is now No. 2.

LeBron's letter to Emanuel. Don't ever say LeBron is no hero. Not to me. LeBron saw this:

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