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@TexasPancake ⁩ is now a special guest at political events.

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Mr. @SecPompeo  , please provide evidence to support your contention that @NPRKelly  confused Bangladesh with Ukraine. Otherwise, your statement is disinformation, slander, and embarrassing to those of us who pay your salary. You are a public servant. You work for us.

"They’re trying to connect dots that are not actually connected. They’re relying on presumptions, lies, and hearsay, and the free shock that they’re getting through many in the media is greatly unfortunate, the American public is being deceived." WATCH @RepLeeZeldin  ⤵️

DOJ Responds to Andrew McCabe's Lawsuit and It's an Absolute Beatdown

This is the Left's worst nightmare – women who fight for #2A . Women play a significant role in the firearms community, and we spoke with a few of these patriots at #SHOTShow . These women will never let anti-gunners destroy their right to defend themselves and their families.

The impeachment trial will not result in Trump’s removal, but it could well result in Republicans’ removal from the Senate majority, @JRubinBlogger  says

Scoop: US State Department investigators have interviewed 100s of diplomats & employees at @USEmbassyKyiv  this week as part of an investigation into alleged surveillance of former ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, US diplo sources tell @BuzzFeedNews .

Shoppers wearing surgical masks lined up for groceries at a supermarket in Wuhan as residents were told not to leave the Chinese city at the center of the deadly coronavirus outbreak.

IMAGE: Man taking grandson and an eagle on hunt in the Altai Mountains of Central Asia (Photographer: Tariq Zaidi)

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NPR host says Pompeo shouted and swore at her after interview

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JUST IN: "No, I don't think so," Rep. Adam Schiff says when asked if he and Nadler have mishandled comments that are getting criticism from the GOP. "There are going to be efforts to distract from the facts, there are going to be attacks on the managers."