John Green

John Green

President of BV Capital. Formerly Senior Portfolio Manager & Director of Mortgage Investments at Citigroup Asset Management.

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Stanford epidemiologist who warned about bad COVID data finds low fatality rate even in ‘hotbeds’ via @CollegeFix  @DavidBCollum  @dandimicco  @AlexBerenson 

Very calm answer by @petenajarian  on #China . Foreign Direct Investment is drying up in #China , Capital Outflows are accelerating and the currency is down 12%. Seems to me China is playing a losing hand. Cc @DanRDimicco 

Instead of coronavirus patients, Syracuse hospitals swamped with empty beds

British epidemiologist who predicted over 2 million Americans — and 500k Brits — would die from coronavirus now says his model, which went viral, is wrong. Says England is unlikely to have more than 20k deaths & potentially much less.

It's easy to get through things when you get bailed out of a financial crisis

Hi Larry @LHSummers ,in 2000 you paved the way for the Chinese Communist to take over our industrial base through free entry into the #WTO . For 2 decades middle class wages and jobs collapsed because of you. @DanRDimicco  @AlanTonelson  @GinSecurities  @realDonaldTrump  . @wsmco 

Obama now threatens UK with no trade deal if they leave EU

#Pitt School of Medicine department chair tells media: Stop hyping COVID case counts #H2P  via @CollegeFix  @cate_long  @DavidBCollum 

On President #Trump , “They were plotting to actually have him removed from office.” @DanRDimicco  @wsmco  @GinSecurities