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Updates and commentary on the Greek political economy, the eurozone crisis, geopolitics, political risk & global markets. RTs not (necessarily) endorsements.

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Graph: Impact of social transfers (other than pensions) on poverty across the EU.

Finland comes first, with 56.9% of reduction in the share of people at risk of poverty as a result of social transfers. Greece comes last with 15.8%. The EU-28 average is 32.4%.

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Αναγκάζουμε Διδακτορικούς ερευνητές να επιλέξουν μεταξύ της μετανάστευσης ή 2ης δουλειάς ως ντελιβεράδες, αλλά κάνουμε Γενικές Γραμματείς Υπουργείων τηλεφωνήτριες με άσχετα μεταπτυχιακά και τίτλους διπλωματικών εργασιών «Τα βαμπίρ στον κινηματογράφο». Αξίζουμε όλα όσα παθαίνουμε.
More photos from the Polytechnic School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, after yesterday's 17 November "celebration ". A sad state of affairs that is being accepted by consecutive Greek governments and the society as a whole. Will this ever change?

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The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, after last night's annual "celebration" (of the 1973 Athens Polytechnic uprising) by hooligans, anarchists and "students."

Same story, every year. This is not how universities should be treated. A depressing spectacle.

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At some point, Greeks will have to say "enough is enough." Until then, Greece will keep sliding down the slippery slope of anarchy, lawlessness and mediocrity. https://t.co/EdixdE04Ir
"Almost 600,000 Greeks were added to the long list of state debtors over the summer, according to a report by the Parliamentary Budget Office, with experts viewing the development as a sign of deterioration for the country’s private economy." #Greece
This video from yesterday's clashes between molotov-throwing anarchists & riot police in downtown Thessaloniki should really be part of the new "Welcome to Greece" advertising campaign. Should really help boost those tourist numbers.
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No, this is not a video from a war-inflicted city in the Middle East. It is from downtown Athens last night, where anarchists burning the city clashed with riot police. #Greece
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Ολόκληρη η απάντηση Τσίπρα στον Γερμανό δημοσιογράφο που τον ρωτάει αν "ήρθατε εδώ για να δείτε κάτι πιο γ@@μένο από την Ελλάδα;".

Τα σχόλια δικά σας. 🤦‍♂️
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This week, MSCI relegated 3 out of Greece's 4 largest banks - NBG, Piraeus and Eurobank - from the MSCI Standard Greece index to the MSCI Small Cap Index.

"Analysts warn that this shift will remove the three lenders’ stocks from most investors’ radars."
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