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Updates and commentary on the Greek political economy, the eurozone crisis, geopolitics, political risk & global markets. RTs not (necessarily) endorsements.

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If the question is whether Tsipras / Syriza would go as far as tampering with the next election i #Greecen to remain in power, then I’d say that it’s more probable than not. They have proven willing (and capable) to do just about anything to keep the party goin @Yascha_Mounkg.
"This information comes just as the word in the market is that “it will be hard for any investor or creditor to accept a solution for the future of Folli Follie that will include in its management anyone with the Koutsolioutsos surname.""

When the house of cards collapses...
"Inspections into the finances of troubled luxury jewelry maker and retailer Folli Follie by Alvarez & Marsal and Ernst & Young point to a hole of 280 million euros in the company’s 2017 figures, sources have told Kathimerini."

This is big.
The decline of anti-Americanism in Greece is a welcome sign of progress in the country. For it to be durable and lasting, it has to be followed by concrete actions by the U.S. and constant support (not just with words) by the Greek-American community. https://t.co/JbYsUTH41z
The EU has allocated more than €1.6bn since 2015 to address the refugee crisis i #Greecen (with additional funds provided by private donors). Yet, conditions in migrant camps - especially the one in Moria - remain dreadful.

A simple question arises: Where has the money gone?
"Overcrowded, violent and awash with human sewage, Moria camp may be the world’s worst refugee facility – yet #Greece has failed to make the available funding count."

Grim reading by a former volunteer at Moria. Please read and share. This has to stop.
Ο χορός του Κουρουμπλή στην Πρεβεζα σε γάμο λιμενικού.

Ή αλλιώς, το ζεϊμπέκικο της κουτάλας.
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One could (and should) disagree with @kmitsotakis on key econ, political or social issues. But his vision of a more inclusive & respectful Greece for everyone, away from artificial divisions harnessed by PM Tsipras, is a breath of fresh air & cause of optimism for all. #ΔΕΘ2018
Είσαι η ντροπή του επαγγέλματος του δασκάλου.
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