October / Photograph / Ishaan Nair

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October / Photograph / Ishaan Nair

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Timeline: Trump derides protestors over the weekend and visits a White House bunker while musicians from Dr. Dre to Jay-Z speak out in support of George Floyd, calling for justice

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"This is your problem too. It's mine. It's yours. It's everybody's." @gregjames  spoke about George Floyd's death, racism, and what you can do.

A Church that is mother follows the path of tenderness and compassion. A son or daughter of the Church is therefore meek, tender, smiling, and full of love. #MaryMotherOfTheChurch 

The news channels who pay two Pakistani people to come and get insulted when we have a dispute, why don’t they pay two Chinese to come for the same when we have a dispute with China?

Anyone manage to find human life at @spectator  magazine, sufficient to get an answer to whether they knew Mary Wakefield was lying about 'London lockdown?' @afneil  @FraserNelson  #NotAGoodLookPleaseDontGoOnAboutRightToKnowOrHypocrisyInOthersTillAnswered 

Cuomo Makes Sharing Illegal Immigrant Driver Information Between Law Enforcement Class E Felony

Marx sought to divide society by class. The socialist Left today does it by exploiting racial division. It’s identity socialism—a marriage between classic socialism and identity politics

. @realDonaldTrump  hey babe got ne good netflix recommendations from the bunker?

Coronation Street confirms date soap will return to filming after lockdown #corrie