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Listen, I understand that CNN employees are obliged to tweet out their 2020 poll, but the rest of you have no excuse for doing so
Between his critiques of Ryan Zinke and Wilbur Ross and his silence during the shutdown ... is Trump becoming self-aware?
lol John Calipari is (1) salty as hell and (2) dumb as hell https://t.co/5I4zUZlEJw
Here's one hell of a story about the finding of a wreck that seems to be the Clotilda, the last known ship to bring enslaved people from Africa to the United States https://t.co/UCC07rRAeD
.@badler schools Andrew Sullivan on his sloppy metonynic use of “Brooklyn” and what the real borough is like https://t.co/JnDVPrdMWv
Universities! Do you want reporters to quote your faculty?

If so, do not:
-Ask reporters to fill out a form rather than offering a phone number!
-When I call university relations, tell me it's not your job to track this stuff!
In retrospect this was all predetermined when Democrats erred gravely by electing a leader whose surname begins with the same letter as shutdown
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