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Ugh yes please buy them all for me https://t.co/DSARWYy1Gw
In August 2017, I wrote about the tension in places like Birmingham where local officials want to tear down Confederate monuments but state law prevents it: https://t.co/eG6TpIROSy

On Monday, a judge overturned Alabama's law: https://t.co/EhyEb40hI4
"The feast that ensued was the distillation of some of his fondest visions of the country: corporate, homogeneous, teasing, unapologetic, and revolving, above all, around the whims of Donald Trump." — @megangarber
RIP Alan R. Pearlman, inventor of the ARP synthesizer. Here's probably my favorite instance of its use: https://t.co/pMkVqAs5Uy
No idea what piece you're referring to
Klobuchar asks William Barr about NC-9, says DOJ may have failed to take seriously election integrity. #ncpol
Fascinating piece on the process of cataloguing and returning books looted by the Nazis: https://t.co/bUUGFdrr2z
Orrin Hatch stole Gomez Addams' suit
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