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Ugh, yet another piece using the cliche old formulation of citing Louis Armstrong and Edward Said in the opening grafs https://t.co/ayTC9Unjyw
I find it very hard to say that Trump was saying "no" to whether Russia interfering now, but @HallieJackson is right to ask why, given repeated White House reversals, anyone should afford them the benefit of the doubt.
Peter Doocy tried to serve up a softball to Sanders on forcing Trump's interpreter to testify, and instead she slapped it away and said it was a State Department Q. Hilarious.
Sanders again with Trump's favorite straw man. No one is saying better relations with Russia are a bad thing per se.
How can Sanders say the White House takes seriously election interference when he repeatedly calls the Mueller investigation into interference a witch hunt, including blasting it while standing alongside Putin?
I got things to do, @PressSec, let's go
Excellent profile by @AndyKroll:
"[Adam Schiff] cultivates a cheerfully beleaguered demeanor. He speaks without notes and tells jokes the way a dad would if that dad had access to highly classified intelligence."
Trump balkin' at mutual defense pact
Almost two years in, Trump has learned nothing https://t.co/GiweiwIf0c
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