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Latest Scoops

.@davidfrum makes a compelling argument that Bob Woodward totally missed the point about Trump https://t.co/Uy3f9kRlKH
Maya Little, the UNC student who defaced #SilentSam in April (prior to his toppling in August), has been found guilty but won't be punished https://t.co/eaRAo6MP0P
This is a very bad idea and I will definitely go to see it https://t.co/Ajg4sWAxXb
Newt Gingrich made American politics what it is today, and he feels great about it.

No such thing as a bad @mckaycoppins piece, but this one is especially great: https://t.co/ECfo3FxKsD
Bob Wills would like a word
I tend to push back on people who claim the D.C. press corps is *that* out of touch but then people go around tweeting that they don't know Kanye songs
Great @AdamHSays piece on Berea's unique free-tuition system and why it's not easily reproduced elsewhere https://t.co/ex9tl3Igfn
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