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Steve Bullock

I am proud to serve as Montana's 24th Governor. RTs & Follows ≠ Endorsement

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During the Stay at Home order, Montanans are still able and encouraged to responsibly enjoy our public lands. Follow social distancing requirements, avoid crowded trailheads, and recreate near the communities you live. It’s up to all of us to slow the spread of COVID-19.

I’m heartbroken to learn of Montana’s first death due to COVID-19. Montana truly is one big small town – this news hits us hard, but we’re in this together. My family and I send our love and support to the family, friends, and community of our fellow Montanan.

Businesses and operations can find out if they are deemed essential in the directive at this link:

There’s no doubt that COVID-19 is causing a lot of hardship for Montana families. It’s also causing incredible hardships for our front line doctors, nurses and other hospital staff across the country.

I am taking these measures today because we need to stay in front of this pandemic and slow the growth of infections.

In order to have a healthy economy we need a healthy population. We cannot rebuild our economic strength without doing everything we can now to flatten the curve and slow the spread of this virus.

We are all in this together. We can get out in front of this together. And when the time comes again, we will rebuild a stronger community.

Thank you to: The grocery store employees who work tirelessly The truck drivers who keep shelves stocked The emergency responders on duty The teachers who are providing high quality education in creative ways We’re cheering for all those on the frontlines of COVID-19.

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Today, I’m suspending my campaign for President. Thank you for your belief, your trust, and your support. Read my full statement here:

I am a hunter and a gun owner. No hunter needs a 30-round magazine, a bump stock, or an assault weapon. A large majority of Americans – Republican and Democrat – agree.

Montana's future depends on a free and open internet. Today we became the first state in the nation to actually do something to safeguard internet freedom.

Just a reminder: the GOP is the only major political party in the world that won’t acknowledge climate change is human caused.

More than a year ago, I asked Donald Trump what he's doing to end the gun violence epidemic in our country. His answer wasn't good enough then — and his leadership isn't good enough now.