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My trip on an Air Force jet to hang out with Adam Schiff got canceled, so I'll be on @AmericaNewsroom on @FoxNews w/ @BillHemmer and @SandraSmithFox at 9am ET but I'll share the steak tartar, fine cheese, and filet of sole that was to be served on board w/ them. Don't miss!
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Rep. Joaquin Castro: "I'm prepared, if the president does declare a national emergency to build his border wall, to file a joint resolution under the National Emergencies Act that would essentially terminate his national emergency resolution."
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We salute you, brave sons of Mother India.

You lived for the nation and served the country with unparalleled valour.

We stand in solidarity with the bereaved families.
The President’s unlawful declaration over a crisis that does not exist does great violence to our Constitution and makes America less safe, stealing from urgently needed defense funds for the security of our military and our nation.

My statement with @NancyPelosi:
Great job by law enforcement in Aurora, Illinois. Heartfelt condolences to all of the victims and their families. America is with you!
All Americans who respect the Constitution, get ready for the big, big fight! Trump declares FAKE emergency, stealing previously appropriated funds from DOD, Mil. Con., & Treasury. Let's go, join me! People power can stop him!
Schiff meets with Glenn Simpson in Colorado.

Schiff tried to block Congress from getting bank records of Simpson’s company Fusion GPS.

Those bank records showed Clinton campaign (working through Perkins Coie) was paying Fusion for the dirty Dossier.
Weapons of war don't belong in our neighborhoods or on our streets.

Congress let the Assault Weapons Ban expire 15 years ago, but today, we are introducing legislation to ban the sale, production, or possession of assault weapons.

Let’s see who’s willing to stand up to the NRA.
@SenSchumer . & I call upon our Republican colleagues to join us to defend the Constitution. Read our full join statement here
President Trump Speaks on the National Security & Humanitarian Crisis on Our Southern Border
Trump can’t answer the question about how he is making stuff up about what’s happening at the border.
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