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2nite on my show on https://t.co/HEb0ei4okJ @michaelwsmith brings his wonderful music and his winsome spirit to the stage.
Don’t miss. If you do a large spider will crawl on your face while you sleep.
Remind me to never get into a “fistfight” with 15 Saudis walking around with bone saws. We’ve looked the other way at Saudi crimes long enough. Jamal Khashoggi died in fistfight at Istanbul consulate, Saudi Arabia claims - CNN https://t.co/EcWr6ShyKu
Was asked if I'll go see horror film "Halloween." No-because if Dems win House and we get the "mob" of Pelosi, Waters, Nadler, Schiffty and crew, Michael Myers would be the toast of the town and not nearly as scary.
@johnrich is smart, funny, gifted, and a truly good human bean...or being. Boy, he proves it with this news. https://t.co/HS15mBM9yd
Yikes! Wonder what Comey, Strzok, Page, McCabe, Ohr, et al will get?
Kristen Bell said of “Snow White” “weird that prince kisses Snow White w/o permission? U cant kiss someone sleeping!”
But like “Medicare For All” and “Democratic Socialism,” this is a fairy tale. I don’t think Snow White called Gloria Allred after she woke up to file a lawsuit.
Want to actually collude w/ Russia in a GOOD way? Cruise w/ me to the Baltics next Aug-we have entire ship and we'll visit St. Petersburg, Estonia, Finland, Denmark, and Sweden. Details at https://t.co/bR0l5K2N6U
My friend @ericmetaxas released his new book today--a fun read! It's so simple even members of the resistance can understand it, but they won't like it. https://t.co/hS3Pu89dgd
I busted my butt working 40 hrs a week & loading up on classes to finish my 4 yr degree in just over 2 yrs-never knew I could have $$ help if I had told them I once had a Tonto suit when I was 6 yrs old--that's as legit as Elizabeth Warren.
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