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Relax America! You're safe now! TSA in Little Rock just felt me up real good and gave me as complete a going over as I got from my doctor at my last checkup. The TSA dude could have at least bought me dinner!
As every parent knows, the cry of a child evokes a Pavlovian response that will grab your heartstrings and make you drop whatever you’re doing and run to pay attention. That's why the Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) are... https://t.co/TDwlSelY6K
Let critics call this US withdrawal from one UN council an “outrage” if they want. I’d call it “a good start.” https://t.co/DgfTFwBEiR
Dems and the media couldn’t have planned it better. They kept Tuesday’s news focused hysterically on immigration –- you’d never know that kids were separated at the border from their parents under Obama –- while the real news was being made in the House...https://t.co/EyxELvReGP
Sit. Down. Brace yourself! I am applauding Democrat party in KS for disavowing AG candidate who displayed disgusting anti-cop poster. No attitude for some who wants to be top law enforcement officer in state. https://t.co/39pkbYjC3b
I've collected my lists of questions for IG Horowitz and Robert Mueller in one post. Please take a look and let me know if I missed any! https://t.co/5TX7POg7Q6
With Peter Strzok in the news, I thought it would be helpful for me to pull together my commentaries directly relating to him and Lisa Page. https://t.co/7o8wy0OgBQ
I have great respect for Laura Bush, but the attached article spells out why she was terribly wrong in comparing illegal immigration issues to Japanese internment camps. https://t.co/ywwmeWvQ7g
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