Governor Jay Inslee

Governor Jay Inslee

Governor of Washington. Tweets on innovation, jobs, education, clean energy & my grandkids. Building a WA that works for everyone. RTs & follows ≠ endorsement

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No matter what he does next, one thing is for sure – the Congressional Record will be shorter without him.

You know it. I know it. @usnews  knows it. Washington is the best state in the nation.

WA is No. 1, overall, and top 3 in: ✅ economy ✅ health care ✅ education ✅ infrastructure ✅ energy ✅ business environment ✅ internet access ✅ economic growth

The countdown to @NHL  hockey is on in WA. Who’s ready?

As the Trump administration takes away nutrition assistance from vulnerable Americans, we're making it easier for WA families to access their benefits. Thanks for your great work, @WA_DeptofHealth .

Climate change is a public health crisis. This morning, I joined a room of health professionals who are doing something about it. Together, we can beat this thing.

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The entire @wsferries  fleet is switching from diesel to batteries. Batteries are cleaner, quieter and will save millions of dollars a year on fuel costs. It is steps like this that help WA lead the nation in the fight against climate change.

Sgt. Aaron Boyle lost his right arm/leg serving this country. His family’s home was not built for a wheelchair. Today, they moved into their new, beautiful and wheelchair accessible home thanks to @HomesForOurTrps . Learn more of his story:


Washington state will act under our own authority, our own laws and our own jurisdiction to protect #NetNeutrality  for all of Washington's citizens.

My office recently learned the shocking revelation from that reunification could mean placing a separated child with ANY long-term sponsor — regardless of whether it’s their parents, other family in the US, family back in their home country or in long-term foster care.

Attack on federal judge from POTUS is beneath the dignity of that office. That attitude can lead America to calamity.

We cannot trust that these families will actually be reunified. Today I led a group of six governors in demanding & take responsibility for the dire effects of the "zero-tolerance policy" and trauma inflicted on nearly 3,000 children.

The Trump plan to repeal is #NetNeutralitya  dangerous assault th [To read the rest of this tweet, please upgrade to one of our premium internet plans]

While Alabama, Ohio and Georgia are set on turning back the clock on women's rights, WA will not go backward. We will do everything we can to protect our state's strong history of standing up for women & their constitutionally-protected access to reproductive health options.

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I believe this is an excellent response to the administration’s request, though I’d strongly suggest they jump in Lake Washington.

Hate is not welcome in WA. Refugees and immigrants are. We are fighting for you.

Automatic Voter Registration: ✅ Same-day Voter Registration: ✅ Pre-registration for 16 and 17 year olds: ✅ Increased campaign finance transparency: ✅ Washington Voting Rights Act: ✅ Democracy lives on in Washington state.