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Actor, singer, legend. Remembering the great #Rajkumar  on his 88th birth anniversary. #GoogleDoodle 

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This celeb-loved accessory brand just launched the perfect summer face mask

"The reckoning of racist symbols has reached UT, where student-athletes—including football players and track stars—are leading a movement to ban 'The Eyes of Texas.' I stopped singing it a long time ago. Now it's time we all do the same." @SanyaRichiRoss 

A fascinating and well-informed deconstruction of the media and the medical establishment’s mask narrative. Here’s what they don’t tell you

Though difficult to read now, this attorney roll from 🎵after the war🎵 lists those who were eligible to practice law before the US District Court for the District of New York. Included on the roll are Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton. #HamiltonFilm 

The Railway Board has decided to implement 20 innovations by its employees to make train journeys safer and improve passenger comfort

Nicole Thea, a popular YouTuber who posted videos about her pregnancy, has died at 24

Chingy Admits He And Tiffany Haddish Had A One Night Stand

VIP>> 'The knives are out': Who's ready for White House anonymous sources vs. Dr. Fauci?

Hamilton outlined some of his ideas to the Constitutional Convention on June 18, 1787. His 11-point plan called for a strong centralized government. While presenting his plan, he reportedly spoke for six hours straight. #HamiltonFilm