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Deputy Business Editor at @washingtonpost. Biz, econ, tech & policy. Previously: Policy Editor, White House & economics correspondent.

Latest Scoops

A courageous, necessary examination by @byHeatherLong of what women face at the year's big economics conference https://t.co/HKIicuPrKj
Very happy that @robbiedime, a fantastic editor, is joining @washingtonpost as an editor on the Business desk overseeing our breaking news and general assignment team. https://t.co/wZ3urVwF2y
Very excited that @dmac1 will join @washingtonpost as a Corporate Accountability Reporter. He joins a super-strong new team at The Post. https://t.co/Uaf6R3OAHk
Trade news tonight:

China takes a bite out of APPLE while WHISKEY doesn't go down smooth in Europe


This trip helped convince @_cingraham to move with his family from the Baltimore area to Red Lake County in rural Minn. https://t.co/V2w7MsqxdK

Will this experience convince him to move back? https://t.co/pUvMkhQupq
"I ordered a box of crickets from the Internet and it went about as well as you’d expect"

@_cingraham's year-ending opus.

A beautiful dispatch from PARADISE, Calif., where wildfires and economics are threatening the Christmas tree industry. By @damianpaletta. https://t.co/XfFO3HMW9g
Two metric weigh heavily on Trump: The stock market and the trade deficit.
Neither is moving in the right direction for him.
The Washington Post is looking for a general assignment business reporter to cover news. Great opportunity.

Find links to 's 11 new tech jobs here: .

-https://t.co/2OwWeJwJfLConsumer electronics
-AI and algorithms
-Tech culture
-Automation & future of transport
-Tech policy
-Deputy tech
-Video producers/eds
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