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Deputy Business Editor at @washingtonpost. Biz, econ, tech & policy. Previously: Policy Editor, White House & economics correspondent.

Latest Scoops

A tour de force investigation by @TracyJan into Ben Carson's HUD: Political loyalty required, no experience necessary
JOB: Come cover the business of healthcare @washingtonpost. https://t.co/Vvo9pfa1ol
Big scoop by @lizzadwoskin @craigtimberg @mattzap @DevlinBarrett on widening probe, including SEC, into Facebook's relationship with Cambridge Analytica https://t.co/CHHeOxPDQ3
Very excited that @JeanneWhalen is joining @washingtonpost as global business writer. https://t.co/dc98HzMi1m
Great characters in this @byHeatherLong story from Ohio on the trucker shortage and what it means for America's economy
Incredible tale by @damianpaletta @emilyrauhala exposing the Chinese businessman who controls the majority of fireworks coming into the U.S. - raising prices for all https://t.co/WPbbzxSJJz
This @damianpaletta scoop features a governor, a senator, two brothel owners, the Treasury secretary, and maybe billions of dollars. Important note: It's about tax policy and political lobbying. https://t.co/rSRK6nbT9N
One of the best, most unexpected stories I’ve read about the economy in a while - “The surprising return of the repo man” by @tcfrankel https://t.co/5bvdHB70Sy
Two extraordinary pieces of economics journalism today:

@damianpaletta on the Peeps battle that could upend retirement for 10m Americans https://t.co/THP7E02nuQ

@andrewvandam on the rebound in Trump country - and why it could be shortlived https://t.co/Ox11hPESbb
Job opportunity: A corporate accountability/investigative reporter on @washingtonpost's Business desk.

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