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Deputy Business Editor at @washingtonpost. Biz, econ, tech & policy. Previously: Policy Editor, White House & economics correspondent.

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Republicans seriously considering dropping top tax rate to 37 percent in final bill, making $750,000 in mortgage interest deductible https://t.co/NJ6QDOcrXt

@damianpaletta @ericawerner scoop
Super excited @drewharwell will be our new big data and AI reporter — one of the most important beats for coverage of business and society.

And great news for readers!
Scoop from @damianpaletta & :
Tr@jdawsey1ump's ultra rich NY friends are pressuring him to make the tax cut better for them
Is the GOP tax plan an unprecedented windfall for the wealthy? We look at 50 years of data to find out

What Republicans say when asked why their tax bill benefits the rich most of all
Very smart @andrewvandam piece:

The economy just hit potential GDP.


Which might mean it's an odd time for a $1.5T tax stimulus to get the economy growing faster.
Bob Corker promised not to let the GOP tax bill drive up the debt. He’s running out of time. @ericawerner

Ron Johnson's tax antics aren't just about pass-throughs - they're about anger at GOP leaders. Smart @ericawerner piece. https://t.co/ZJF7BqOObf
Big job posting: @washingtonpost's technology policy reporter. Be in touch if interested.
Must-read: A blockbuster new investigation by @lizzadwoskin @DPAQreport into sexual misconduct at TED talks this year https://t.co/OyfKOAKz92
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