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God is the ONLY one that can change someone. Leave it in his hands.

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When we reach out in love to others, joy is released in our lives. God has not called us to "in-reach"; He has called us to "out-reach." Don't wait until you feel like doing something loving; start doing it on purpose! #ReachOut #ReleaseJoy
One compliment can have an impact for a lifetime. Don’t withhold your blessing. Your words can impact people years from now.
@MisterCBooz @ZionNPSThanks! In anticipation of heavy snow, several roads at @ZionNPShave closed. Be careful out there! Visit updates. ❄️
Women and girls should be able to gather water for their families without sacrificing their education or their personal safety. Thank you for investing in the lives of so many girls, providing opportunities for them to pursue their studies and God’s good plan for their future.
My life may not be going the way I planned it. but it's going exactly the way God planned it.

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One of the most important lessons you’ll pick up at our trainings – that if we work together we can beat this thing #ClimateHope
Something new that I’ve added to the seed shop this year is Nicotiana knightiana. I love flowering tobacco and this is currently the only one I grow. I’m all about those diminutive apple…
Artist @jonburgerman’s advice for boosting creativity: “Read more. I guarantee you, it’ll increase your creativity. Reading is the number one thing that any human being can do to increase their creativity, because it’s fertilizer for your imagination.” //
@ShoChandra was one of the best economic reporters in the biz, hands down. You'd bump into her in the lady's room and get into a 10 min conversation about jobs numbers that made you think about things in a whole new way. Her energy, intellect and warmth is deeply missed already
“We had to let that position go, because nobody would go see her. Because they didn’t want to be seen walking into the HIV case manager’s office in that tiny town — that can only mean one thing.” @JackieFortier
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