Boston's best Bob's. I'll go first: -- Orr --Cousy And yours......?

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Do your best to do what is right, don’t just settle for what is easy.

@Kaepernick7  in 2016 explaining why he took a knee: "This country stands for freedom, justice, liberty for all. And it’s not happening for all right now." Still relevant today. (via @CamInman )

20 years later, @SHAQ  remembers the alley-oop from Kobe that changed everything for the Lakers: "The defining moment of our dominant run."

The same ppl that oppressed cannot be the ones telling us how to protest. It just doesn’t work like that anymore. It worked for a long time but those days are numbered

20 years ago today. The most iconic play from one of the greatest duos of all time 😤

Werner & Chelsea is getting hot! According to BILD information, Werner should sign a contract with Chelsea until 2025, collecting more than 10 million euros per year

If you watch one thing today on Twitter - make it these vile and disgusting 58-seconds. Pure racism...