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The child "was crying, she was nervous. The flight attendant had stated that he needed to calm her down or he was going to be escorted off the plane with her,” said a witness who filmed the encounter. https://t.co/M4rIhYq6ud
COMMENTARY: The CRA has the power to destroy lives. We must take the misuse and abuse of that power very seriously, writes @RobBreakenridge https://t.co/rw3B1iTIUd
Andrew McCabe was the No. 2 official in the FBI.
The move to fire him looks to be spiteful given that it came two days before McCabe’s 50th birthday, when he could have retired with full pension. https://t.co/qS3u3lVkSr
RCMP are reminding drivers that failing to obey a directional sign or person is an offence.
Here’s how fake news sites skewed reality this week:
Overwhelmed by going into a doctor’s appointment? Here’s how to get the most out of it…
John Kelly assures White House staffers their jobs are safe, for now. https://t.co/3Dhb6setfQ
Do reward programs actually help you save or lead you to spend more?
Green beer on #StPatricksDay? You might have this bar to thank/blame. https://t.co/3hOswuxYEf
To be on the safe side, treat all frozen chicken products as if they’re completely raw. https://t.co/9lSXhU7XTh
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