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There’s a view that Trump had bad political luck with the pandemic, but there’s a bunch of countries whose leaders have clearly benefitted from it.

South Dakota’s #IndianCountry  has the highest rates of COVID statewide, but GOP Gov. Kristi Noem is fighting their efforts to stop the spread. "It's like we're trapped in a house on fire,” says Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe spokesman @RemiBald  Eagle. He joins me 8aET. #velshi 

At the height of “lockdown” in America, you could take a cab to the airport, fly anywhere you wanted in the country just to go on vacation, rent a car, and then go do whatever with zero legal enforcement of quarantine rules anywhere. But in many cases playgrounds were closed.

Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs David Hale affirms the U.S. commitment to the people of Afghanistan. #Afghanistan2020 

Now we have a somewhat better understanding of things and nobody is closing playgrounds (great!) but we continue to use weirdly draconian terminology like “stay at home order” for rules that don’t remotely mandate staying at home.

Fantastic speech by @MhairiBlack. I would have said a lot of these things (it’s always wise to follow Mhairi). It’s all about the real debate with real people. Social media is not the real world and sometimes we get consumed with the echo chambers. #SNP20 

When Biden is inaugurated and the promised era of boring politics dawns, maybe we can focus more on the aliens story arc? Seems important.

Prime Minister’s letter to all MPs and peers ahead of Tuesday’s vote has now been published in full, including the offer of the Feb 3 sunset clause. You might call this... Selling Sunset

Many countries that haven’t done as well still see modest gains for incumbents — in Sweden the social dems got a big bump that partially (but not wholly) faded out. Similar pattern in Macron’s approval.

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Consumers spent an estimated $9 billion on US retail websites on Black Friday